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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by General Landscaping, Aug 1, 2006.

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    This program is wasting so much paper, time and ink!:angry:

    When printing statements, it will print a "service activity detail" after each statement.
    So I just insert a junk sheet between my perforated invoice papers.... worked OK for a while. After adding more customers, now it will print the detail for some customers... now my statements are printing on scrap and the detail is printing on my invoice paper.

    Make it stop!!!!

    My invoice #'s are all over the place since I wind up having to reprint some of them after the paper gets out of sync.

    How do I turn off the "service activity detail"? I want to just print out statements.
  2. 1MajorTom

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    This is what I think is happening.
    You must be using the "Long Descripton" when detailing your jobs.
    I just type the service we provide in the box ABOVE "long description" that says "Service", such as "cut, trim, and blow off all clippings"
    The downside to typing in the area that says "service" is that you are limited to a set amount of keystrokes which isn't many.

    If you are using the long description for all your services, over on the right printed in red, it will say "Print long description on" then a place to checkmark off on bills or routes.
    If you don't want it to print on bills, then do NOT check mark off that box.
    However, if that is the case and you are using the long description to detail out what service you provided to the customer, then it won't print at all, and your customer won't have ANY explanation of what you are billing for.

    That's why I just type what we did in the Service section, I keep it short and sweet on basic jobs, and only use the long description which WILL print out a separate sheet of paper on complicated jobs that need to be described fully.

    Maybe this helped you, maybe it didn't.
    Good luck,
  3. General Landscaping

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    Sounds promising.
    Now I can procrastinate for 30 days until this becomes an issue again:laugh:

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