Need help with Kaw fc420v

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Jim@MilkyWay, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Jim@MilkyWay

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    Hello Jim here and I'm a newbie.
    I found this forum earlier today on my first attempt to gather intell on a problem with my Kawasaki fc420v. It looks like a very informative site if one can learn how to navigate and search it for a specific item.
    I'll just jump right in by addressing two issues, but first, a little polite etiquette. Thank you in advance for any and all help and suggestions offered.
    Now, item 1) my area of above average understanding and limited experience, is in electrical. I don't have any small-engine shop experience, just good practical common sense and training/experience years back, in component-level TV, radio and alarm system repair and service. 2) My reason for seeking help in the first place is as follows: My 8(?) year old Kubota with a 14 HP Kawasaki fc420v is "loading up" which is the term I believe I have heard used. It starts and runs fine, but when the power is called on, as in cutting grass, it sounds some how like it is laboring. Also, it blows black smoke out the muffler dense enough to see but not startlingly thick, also under load. In fact, the worst smoke occurs as the blades are being slowly engaged.Then, when the ignition is turned off, as the engine dies it backfires, also through the muffler and blows out a puff of black smoke and a lot of soot. It does this almost every time. The plug has recently been replaced and I bought a new air filter for it today so I will try it tomorrow and see if it makes a difference. What I really think it needs is to lean out the mixture. I do not know how to adjust carb. if in fact that is what needs to be done. The spring loaded screw that I would think most likely to control the fuel mix, has a plastic "stop" on it to prevent anything other than very slight adjustment. Does anyone care to offer advise?
    Again, thanks in advance for the help.
  2. hole in one lco

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    look at your valves. Do you have too much oil in it. Bad gas or carb needs adjusting let me know what you come up with i have the book so i can post the pic on how to
  3. Restrorob

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    Sounds to me like the governor is not working properly and needs adjusting. The adjuster screw on the top of the carb. is for the low speed circuit and the high speed circuit is (fixed) or non adjustable. Below is the procedure for the gov. adjustment.

    Good Luck

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  4. Jim@MilkyWay

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    Thanks 'Hole in one ico' and 'Restrorob' I hope this post/reply goes out. My dern 'pooter is basically dead because it is old(er) and I have so much other stuff on it that the hard drive is full up. Restrorob, (is that what I call you?) I am especially excited about the link you sent me but which will not even load. I get a error message that says 'not enough memory or disc space to display or print' or something like that. Does anyone in the central, north GA. area have a reasonably priced 80G+/512M ram with DVD burner, 21" flat screen monitor and somebody to set it all up for me (as I am not computer savvy)? I talked to someone today who has a new one, still in the box. It is a Dell w/256M ram and a 17" standard monitor, but the price may be good; maybe $250 if she decides to accept the offer. I don't know for sure but I think that's OK price wise.
    Now switch to the forum. I am here to tell you guys, don't wait until you have problems with your machine breathing to replace the filter. The problem I described above is gone, well, for today anyway. I used it all day with multiple starts and stops and it never skipped, died or backfired at shut down even once. It still puffs black smoke out when the PTO is engaged if it's done too quickly, but it runs like it did before this little episode started. I think the fuel mix may still be a little rich as evidenced by said black smoke, but I think shorter plug life is more desirable than burning a valve or piston by running too lean. I have this same engine, well nearly, on a DR field and brush mower and I am starting to have smooth operation issues with it as well. I want to stay with this list serve for a long time as I am just awed at how well it is done. I am not experienced at using/assessing anything with such extensive resources, and I have not exactly figured everything out yet, having only discovered the forum yesterday, but I will try to use it and if I can, contribute to it as well. But who ever master minded it, if you see this, thanks for all the hard work you had to have put into development so we can keep our most prized possessions out of the hands of incompetent mechanics.
  5. Restrorob

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    You can call me what you like (Restro) or my real name (Rob) or Restrorob my screen name. Glad to hear Your Kawi is running better, I'm going to try to post the gov. adjustment procedure in another format and hopefully it will come up so you can see it.
    BTW, I post a lot of repair documents right out of the service manuals because I'm a better wrench spinner than typer but I'm getting better. Also If you plan on hanging around here on lawnsite it's best that you do up-date your computer system so you can take full advantage of everything this fine site has to offer. I'm so addicted I went out and bought a back-up computer so if I have a problem all I have to do is spin my chair around and I'm back in business. :dizzy:
    Anyhow give this adjustment a try and see if it helps.

    See YA

    FC420V Gov. Adjustment.JPG
  6. Jim@MilkyWay

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    Thanks Restrorob
    That looks very simple and straight forward. I would have never thought of governor adjustment over fuel mix.
    I have lots of questions but I like to line up my ducks and provide model and serial nos. before I ask for assistance and I am loath to release my machines into a repair shop. My Kaws have never been to shop in 6yrs. and 8yrs. respectively for the DR and the Kubota, with one exception. The Kubota tranny had to be replaced _just before_ the warranty ran out, I guess the second year I had it. The Kubota T1560 is absolutely an amazing piece of equipment if you axe me. Auto throttle up at PTO engage, hydrostatic drive, bagger and cute little shock absorbers to isolate seat and fenders from frame. I would, however like to sell it to the highest bidder and buy one of those new-fangled zero gravity skid type controlled beasts. I work at university here in Dahlonega and they use a few of them. Awesome!
  7. Restrorob

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    Well, I'm not saying this will fix your problem just saying it is something that could and should be checked. A governor out of adjustment is kind of like taking a stick shift vehicle and driving 20 mph in 4th or 5th gear, The engine runs fine with the clutch in (no load) but with it out (under load) it lugs down and loads up. I believe if it were a fuel mix problem it would also act up with no load applied. All I can do is guess from past experience since I can't see or hear the unit running.
  8. xdx

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    Dont mean to dig up and hijack this thread but I got a question.
    Where does one find info on this engine?

    I was just given the same engine (fc420v-es10) and am trying to get it runnin.
    I have searched Kawasaki and John Deere sites with no luck!!
    I got all the numbers off it I could find and even through google I cannot find a shred of info.
    It says on top
    John Deere
    14 hp
    K series

    Stickers on side read
    code- fc420v-es10
    E/NO fc420vb81882
    Family ID SKA423UIG2RA
    Made by Kawasaki

    Is this a good engine?
    I got it mounted on my workbench right now.
    Does anyone have any idea how I can hook up the electrical and get it cranked up?
  9. Restrorob

    Restrorob LawnSite Fanatic
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    Deere bought the rights to this spec. engine and Deere is tight with their info., I can't even look this engine up being a Kawasaki dealer.

    From what I can tell there is no wiring needed to bench run this engine unless it has a fuel cut-off solenoid on the carb. float bowl. If it does just feed 12 volts to it from a jumper battery and fire it off. The black wire on the side of the engine is the kill lead for shut-down.

    Next time it may be to your advantage to start your own new thread because some people wont even look at old ones.

    Also, Welcome to LawnSite !!!
  10. Bill Kapaun

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    IF you are only getting a little black smoke when the engine has a load applied, I'd consider that pretty much normal.

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