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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tennzman, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. tennzman

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    First of all, I would like to thank everyone on this site for all the valueable information that is shared. I have been lurking and searching on this web-site for 2 years and it has been a great help getting started. I am in my 2nd year of operation (part time) and have 23 accounts.

    The bid that I need help with is this: A large executive home on a lot of acres - they want a bid just for weedeating the property. It has approx. 300 trees, 1/4 mile of aggragate driveway, 1/4 mile of white picket fence, approx. 20 flower beds, large house, pool, and seperate garage. How should I go about giving a bid on this job? It will probably be an every 10 day job for the rest of the summer. Thanks
  2. lawnMaster5000

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    possibly walk a portion of it to see how long that part takes you then mulitply by number of equal parts in the lawn.

    But what i really posted to ask was who is going to be mowing this property, and how good of a job are they going to do in mowing it? Are you going to trim before or after they mow? And are they going to get more and more lazy with the mower as they realize that you will trim what they dont cut?

    I dont think i would take the job without the mowing portion, just too many variables.
  3. tennzman

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    At one time, the homeowners had a full time maintenance guy who mowed, painted, etc. Now the homeowners are mowing and want someone to trim. The homeowners are not cutting as close to the trees, beds, etc. as they should.

    Your right lawnMaster5000, there are a lot of variables. I was planning on giving them a bid for the trimming, and a bid for mowing and trimming. Thanks for the response.
  4. MacLawnCo

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    I had one that went from weekly maintenance to only edging and triming. I trimmed it for $15, but her weekly mowing and all was only $30! Needless to say, she only went that route for a short time.

    For me, mowing is only half my time on the property, so the rest of my time is trimming/edging/blowing. Could be the same for you, but only you know for sure.
  5. Three Seasons

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    When people call us to do trim jobs like that we charge a $1.00/ minute. you carry a trimmer around for an hour ounce and see it is worth it
  6. steve122

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    Three seasons is right on. Tell them your hourly rate, with a estimate of time, and a cost not to exceed (which you can make high to cover your butt), and see what they say. You can point out that they can help themselves by doing a good job of mowing and keeping the trimming to a minimum. Also, are the flower beds edged or do you have to try to trim grass while avoiding flowers? Does the white fence toudh the ground or can you get under it? What about line damage to posts? Would they consider chemicals on the posts?
  7. Mike Bradbury

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    $60 an hour for trimming. I'd be good for 60 hrs a week.:blob2:
  8. fblandscape

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    I help a friend cut a BIG place each week. All we have to do is cut, the guy has somebody there who trims I guess every 10 days to 2 weeks. Our best time so far with a 72" and 61" rider is 1:21. I truly feel sorry for whoever has to trim that place. It must take the guy a day easily. LOTS of trees... probably close to your 300, also they have lots of rock walls, fences, hills, and all kinds of stuff. It probably is going to take you close to a full day on your own.
  9. Phishook

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    What would you charge? He might want to sub it out to you?

    I'd charge your normal mowing rate. After all, if you only have one crew your mowers are sitting there not making money while you trim.
    In other word's, charge for the money you'll loose by not mowing it.
  10. Bigfoot

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    You need to keep in mind the trimming is harder work than the mowing. ;) Of course that is unless you are using a 21". :)

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