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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by RoboMike, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Even southern people. However, some extensive education will correct that. I have had people want grass cut at 2". Now that does not work on st augustine(too short). Does not work on bermuda or zoysia either(too long). The correct height of cut goes a long way in having turf that is easier to manage.
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    This is 100% correct. 3" tall Bermuda is not more drought tolerant.
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    Hey All ...

    Green doctor you make some good points, I'll fertilize the grass and try a different herbicide (any recommendations?)

    If that doesn't work, then I'll nuke some areas and plant a seed based grass. I don't care if I have SA or Bermuda or a mix as long as there's grass for the kids to play on.
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    Additionally, I checked the yard today. It looks like I already have a few different types of grass. I have bermuda as weeds coming through the mulch. Then I have another type (not on runners) as well.

    How did I get all the grass and weeds? Well - we had some hurricanes blow the seeds. Also, the landscaping company doesn't clean the bottom of the mower in between houses.

    So, maybe my lawn needs a restart.

    I question the SA in my backyard here is why....

    In the rainy season of south florida my back yard get's marshy / soggy and we get a lot of rain.

    In the summer - winter I use the sprinkler system and I get coverage 5 zones, 30 minutes per zone, 2-3 times a week.

    SA is also not as dense as other grasses.

    Since I can't regulate the water year round for SA, I was wondering perhaps I should just go for another type like Bermuda or Seashore paspalum?
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    Nor does it keep out weeds. Right now, I am also serving as a consultant to municipal facilities consisting of sports fields that are supposed to be bermuda grass. Strike one is mowing with rotary mowers. Strike two is incorrect irrigation scheduling and coverage. Strike three is inadequate fertilization. Result is fields that consist of warm season grassy weeds.
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    ok. You got me. I have a Professional coming over tomorrow at 9:00 Am.
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    Let us know what he advises and who/what is the company. (Just camouflage)
  8. RoboMike

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    The company is www (dot) masseyservices (dot) com and I'll update this post with the Intel.
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    Haha! there you go blaming everyone else for your yard.. The hurricane blew the weeds in is a new one, never heard that one before.. Are you paying your landscaping company an extra fee to clean their mowers before they start your weed free lawn..

    Just remember a pallet of sod is round $100 so every $100 you spend on chemicals, professional help, etc just think to yourself.."Man, that"s 400 sq ft of new lawn I could have gotten " Good Luck

    What types of grass do your neighbors have, plan on matching theirs? go with SA.. most weeds blend in a little better than they will in Bermuda, as you will still have weeds forever
  10. RoboMike

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    Maybe you should read the first page.... I bought/inherited this yard. :waving:

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