Need help with Lemon trailer...Please

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by gotroxs, May 17, 2010.

  1. gotroxs

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    Need help with a lemon I bought a year ago. I will try and keep this brief but it has been anything but that.

    Bought a new 16 x7 enclosed Interstate trailer April 2009, dual axle with brakes. About July noticed that the right rear tire was wearing real fast. After a few delays with the dealer got them to look at it in August. At this point the left was wearing now. Because of incompetence of dealer, it took until January when they decided it was an axle issue and had the rear axle replaced. The tires were all rotated through including the spare and they were all worn bald. So axle and 5 tires were replaced. The tires were from the outside in.

    The trailer itself carries about 1200 lbs of equipment. No debris. Never been close to overloaded. The trailer brake has not been hooked up. The trailer is level and the load in is centered over the axles. Only affecting the rear axle. The rims were replaced with the tires. Also have towed this on 1 truck for the first 6 months and then a different truck for last 6. It is towed on a daily basis anywhere from 30-50 miles on average.

    After the axles were replaced and the trailer was back in service it took 2 months to see that the tires were wearing again.

    Trailer went to a different repair place instead of the dealer. Dealer still is paying. The tires were aligned with a laser. Toe, camber the whole thing.

    Been a month and the new tires that were replaced in January are near bald. Alignment did not help.

    So 2 questions. Any thoughts on what is really wrong? The problem has existed since purchase. It takes about 3 months to go through a set of tires. That is when the problem was first noticed.

    Second question is does anyone know if the lemon laws for autos cover non-motorized vehicles in Arizona? I have called 2 lawyers and they just say they won't take the case and don't give me a reason.

    And in case you are wondering the dealer is

    Thanks in advance and please send tires.
  2. LushGreenLawn

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    ummm, theres really not an issue. I'm surprised your dealer is even working with you on this.

    When you have a dual axle trailer, every time you turn, you are dragging the back tires. The rear wheels will always wear faster than the front. You see it alot worse on an enclosed trailer with the added weight, especially once you factor in your equipment. If you use your trailer more than a couple of times w week, you are going to go through tires on the rear axle. I go through about 2 sets a season (only on the rear axle)

    If you don't have ST tires on there they will wear faster also. Your tread pattern should look like little blocks, not lines like a car tire. You will get what I mean if you look at it.

    Its just part of pulling a trailer all the time, you will go through tires quickly. Think about all that weight in the tire, dragging sideways acoss pavement every time you turn.
  3. MarcSmith

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    as LG said the rear will always wear faster I think three months is a bit fast though... but if you are running "non trailer" tires then it could be part of the issue... its been lasered, axle replaced. not much else you can do....
  4. stroker51

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    I got through at least a set of back tires on my 18' open trailer every year. I'm assuming you have 3500 lbs axles like my mow trailer, so you are running a 15" tire. One thing I have done that seems to have been helping so far this year was to upgrade to a 10 ply trailer tire when I replaced the backs this spring. So far so good.
  5. MikeKle

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    I have car tires on my trailer, as all my trailers have had, I have never gone thru tires that quick, My last trailer, the same tires were on there for at least 4 years, and yes, i know all about the rear tires wearing faster due to turning, the rear tires did wear a little faster, but not really as quick as you all have said? If you are going thru tires that quick something is wrong, if its not the axles or rims/tires, maybe the trailers frame is bent or something? A lawyer wouldnt take this because there is not much money involved and not worth their time (in their opinion).
  6. seabee1

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    go to trailer rated tires if not now ,were the Axel's they replaced bent ?i wonder if they were the correct capacity to begin with . so many time's i see the axles are way under sized for the job or built with the Axel spring seat's set to far inboard and allowing the unsupported Axel stub to bend ,were they bent at ,outside or between the seats ?:confused:they are only as heavy as the lightest part Axel,wheels,tires ,springs .
  7. gotroxs

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    Just so we are clear these tires are completely bald after 3 months. As in the cords are starting to show. Really the use time is about 4-6 weeks before they should be replaced.

    These are trailer rated tires. They are Trail America tires. I don't know the specifics off hand.

    After the axle was replaced I was never told if they axle was bad or not. I don't think the manufacture really cared enough to look.

    I have heard that rear tires wear quicker but no one is trying to tell me this is normal. They are doing their best to say that I am overloading this trailer despite the fact that I am only putting in about 25% of the weight capicity.
  8. LushGreenLawn

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    Mine wear to the cord in about 3-4 months, I am using 8 ply tires. If you are using cheap tires, they will wear faster also.

    If the axle is not bent, and the camber has been adjusted with a laser, then there is no problem with the trailer. I was not prepared for how fast tires would wear on my first enclosed trailer, but now I just know I have to buy 4 tires a season as part of normal maintenance. Its just part of using a trailer every day.
    I have noticed that I don't have the issues on my open trailers, but enclosed trailers weight quite a bit more.

    My trailer is also not over loaded, my enclosed carries at most: JD717A mower, not sure of the weight, but its a sub compact 48" zero turn, two push mowers, 3 trimmers, 2 stick edgers, 2 bp blowers, and a 5 gallon gas can. Maybe a jacket or two hanging up.
  9. gotroxs

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    Thanks for the response. I might be concerned about the jacket putting you over weight but otherwise I am pretty close in weight.

    I am seeing a quite a difference in opinion, some say normal other say not so much. When you say yours are worn, do you mean completely bald? Mine are bald all the way across after 3 months. So the outside edges are bad enough that they should be replaced about every 6 weeks? Completely bald in 12 weeks. This can't be normal, can it?
  10. seabee1

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    been reading about quite a few people having problems with trail america imported tires ,cant get away from the scrubbing on tandem Axel tires ,but go with a good quality true American made tire make the trailer manufacturer give you a written explanation for the reason that these are doing this or give you another trailer or your money back (that will get their attention)

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