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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by clallen03, Dec 31, 2006.

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    Hello everyone!

    OK, this is the deal. I have been doing this professionally for one season. This year I think I did fine because I was only part time but in 2007 I'm going full time. I ended up with about 30 accounts, mostly bi-weekly and most warm season grasses. Most of my accounts were in new sub-divisions with little to no trees so my leaf season was not even worth mentioning. The money I earned I used most of it to upgrade equipment, maintenance, and pay my helper.

    My goal for this 2007 season is to get 15-20 weekly accounts and 2 small commercial accounts. Now this is the question. What do you'll think I would need to do to accomplish this goal?

    Right now I dont have the cash for an ad in the yellow pages or anything very expensive. Right know I plan to pass out my postcards to the areas I want to target.

    I just need some recommendations from some that have accomplished this same goal.

    Thanks :)
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    Focus on the neighborhoods where you already have clients. Density= efficiency= profit.
    First step, go to each home in the neighborhood with a nice flyer, with a space for a hand-written price quote. Look at each lawn carefully, (Don't underbid) and leave the flyer.
    Next step is to create a flyer that basically says: "We service your neighbor's lawn at ____________ (Address) and will be here each ______________ (Day of the week) We would love to provide you with the same service, for only $_____/week. Place one of these on every door within sight of the lawns you cut. I have some pics on mine and I laser-print them so they look nice.
    You'll get 15-20 more residential accounts before you know it.
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    great advice. ill use that myself.
  4. hess

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    get 10% off the frist 3 lawn cuts with a year service aggrement

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