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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by dbow, Jun 29, 2008.

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    Hi all,
    New to the forum and have a few questions on trying to save my bermuda.

    I just purchased my first home and the yard was in very bad shape - bermuda sod was put out about 3 months ago and appears it was not installed very well and was not taken care off. I live in Lawrenceville GA so we do have watering restrictions to deal with.

    The sod was put down with gaps and spaces between the squares then appears it was not watered correctly and cut very very low. Most of the yard appeared to be brown, white, and dead.

    About 2 weeks ago I put down some Scotts starter fertilizer and begin watering what little I can - Grass appears to be growing now and has greened up quite a bit. There are patches all over the yard that do not appear to be growing. Some larger patches and again a lot of smaller areas.

    Do I keep watering and expect the yard to fill in those smaller areas and possibly patch some of the larger areas with new sod?

    Also, I am reading mixed results for mowing height on this bermuda - some places say to mow no lower than 2in and some say 1in - seems to me that 1 inch would kill the grass.

    I think I am making progress here but I am not sure where to go from here - Another fertilizer application? Keep watering? both?

    Front Yard 01.jpg

    Front Yard 02.jpg

    Front Yard 03.jpg

    Back Yard 01.jpg

    back yard 02.jpg
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    Im not am expert by any means, but i think what you might want to do is carefully like a surgeon remove those dead sections and patch in some new sod. a little fert a little water is great, but there is a real danger of upsetting the delicate balence. Over fert is just as bad as under fert. Good luck

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