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    I need to give a second price for a job. The first price I gave was for using soil conditioner. This price shall be for bringing in soil. I have to work about 15,000 sq ft. I would be bringing in 150 yards of a very sandy loam. The sandy loam will cost me $35 per yard. Before I can spread the loam I have to spray the whole area with round-up and break it up with the owner's excavator. The sandy loam then needs to be spread to a uniform thickness of about 3 inches. I then will need to till the sandy loam into the soil profile. I must then apply grass seed and starter fertilizer as well as straw. Cost for seed is $110 per 50 lb bag of L perenne Cost for salt hay is $13.00 per bale. Cost for starter fert is $135.00 for the amount needed. Any thoughts as to how much to charge for this job?

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