Need help with quote for year round maintenance

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    is this in the ball park???

    Lawn Maintenance (Mow, Edge, Weed Eat, Blow)
    Minor Trimming on Hedges/Shrubs
    Pulling of Weeds in Flower Beds
    Collection and Removal of Sticks and minor debris
    Trimming of Crepe Myrtles (during the winter is the best time)
    Trimming of Low Tree Limbs (winter as well)

    Total= $171.25 a month for April to October
    Total= $195 a month for October and November (Fall Cleanup)
    Total for December to March depends on what you want to get done.

    Also, a discounted price of $85 for a core aeration service during the fall (October or November) is offered if you go with us.
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    Hard question to answer with knowing the size of the lawn, number of bushes/trees etc......

    Even then every market will bear a certain price for full services.

    Basically what I do is break down the cost for each service and then take that number and discount it a certain percentage due to being on the site weekly for mowing, so some things will get done weekly and probably only take a couple of minutes to do.


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