Need help with removing bushes.

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by baseball9074, Jul 8, 2013.

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    Another possibility is to run an add for free bushes, "you dig and remove". In this area it goes fast especially once the "FREE" is mentioned. I have removed those before and they can be tough as heck depending on soil.
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    I actually will be doing a job just like this tomorrow. 5 Yew, roughly 6x6x6 each. Bid at $650.00+tax. Were bringing in a bobcat, cutting down and pulling with skidsteer. 1 guy cutting, 1 guy bringing to truck, me in skid. Should be in and out in and hour. We'll see though.
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    Can you take some pics of the job and let me know how it worked for you. Are you renting the skid?
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    Personally, I'm with the guys who say pulling out with a truck is unprofessional. Nothing shouts "This is my first shrub removal and I don't know what I'm doing" like having a chain hooked to a truck and a shrub. If it was me at my house, then yea I may do that. But not to a customer's house.
    If the homeowner isn't going to do anything crazy with the beds, then cut em at ground level, paint em, and haul off what you cut. They're springy so they will squish down.
    If you have to remove roots/trunks, would a breaker bar be a good alternative? Take the bulk around the trunk and leave the smaller roots in the ground.
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    Give you an update-

    there were actually 8 Yews, combined to make basically a 7' tall, 35' long, 7' wide hedge. Anyone who knows yews knows these have some thick a$$ shoot, most of the main ones were 2-3" in caliper.

    Anyways I underbid it a bit, still made money. 3 guys, ~3ish hours total, including grading it out at the end. Had me cutting, 1 guy pulling out, 1 guy pulling up to the truck. Then 1 guy cutting up at the truck and loading, me on the skid, 1 guy bringing the rootballs up ( the ones he could, they were very heavy).

    about 1hr of bobcat, the rest with manpower. This was a job where removing them with anything less then a skidsteer would have been a full day job IMO.

    We own the bobcat BTW.

    Funny part of it, I brought my new puppy (2 year old alaskan malamute) with. Knowing he loves to pulling things, we hooked him up to a few rootballs and he litterally pulling it about 70yds up hill to the truck, me and my helper had a tough time getting it up.

    I'd say I was $100 short. And YES pulling out with a truck is incredibly unprofessional looking, although it can work out fine. Also Ive see guys basically get a running start and get denied, putting there truck to a complete hult. Ive also heard stories about broken rear windows, twisted frames and dented trucks from the strap breaking. I would never do that to my trucks.
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