Need help with ruts in yard

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by UTM-PIKE, Oct 23, 2002.


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    Alright, Im a little embarrassed about this subject. The reason is that I just did a job where I had about 40 tons of soil brought in and built up around a new inground pool. Seeded and Strawed. The problem was that the dump truck that brought the dirt in left several ruts in the ground (deep). When the day was done and I was ready to load up, I noticed these large ruts. Also, there are several ruts previous due to the equipment from the pool instal, last month. This customer is upset that he has had two contractors come in and there are still ruts in the yard, even though I was just building up around the pool, I added to the problem. I had a JD tractor with a 6 foot box blade and a front loader and couldnt do anything to smooth this area out. Now, this customer is impressed with my work that he paid me for and has already asked me to come back soon for more work. My question is, how can I make this right to him. What kind of machinery would be sufficient and in as cheap as possible to rent? I was thinking a tractor with a tiller on the back to break the ground up and try to smooth it out. Bobcat? Harley Rake? But remember, simple to use. THanks!
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    Bring in some more dirt to fill in the ruts.
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    Just get bags of top soil from H.D. and fill em in, and seed. Bags of top soil are .98 cents each here.

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    1) how big are the ruts
    2)re-seed or sod
    3)when these are answered then you can make a decision to till or haul in top soil and just fill in.
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    well first feel in the ruts i mean that seams l;ike the easist thi g to do what do u think ah nah get u some men out thee with shovels and smooth it out
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    In order to read that communication we will need the cypher key you used to encode it.
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    hard to tell without seeing the ruts...usually fill with clean dirt, and seed or sod on top. I always throw a charge into any bid for clean-up and lawn happens all the time.

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    Why do you want a machine to do the job ??? If anything , depending on how long the ruts are I would just get your tractor back out there and bring in some fresh top soil and start at the back and work to the front using the loader to move the soil and men to grade.. This is how I do it , only with a skid steer... By the time you get to the street , the ruts are gone and the machine is out in the street... wallla..... now seed it or sod it and away we go....
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    Here is what I do:
    Slice down the middle of the ruts. Peel the sod to the sides to expose the depression in the soil (like opening a shirt). Fill in the depression with any soil lumped to the side and add similar soil to level it out. Cover it back with the sod that you opened. Water the hell out of it and tamp it flat with a hand tamp. It looks like nothing ever happened and is really pretty fast, inexpensive, and instant results.

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