Need help with seeding bid.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Acres, Feb 21, 2001.

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    Now this area isn't very big only around a 1000 sq ft. Has a slight slope and some tight areas that's about it. I have done some seeding before but always second guess myself afterwards. I came up with $110 for seed, starter fert. and to verti cut it. Do you think I bid to low? If yes how much should it have been? Thanks
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    Make sure that when you compare that you are comparing apples/apples and not apples/oranges.

    I wqould figure it this way:
    Bid your Machine and Labor out at 1 hour each.
    6-8lbs. of seed per 1000/sf of turf area.
    5lbs of Starter Fert and Lime per 1000/sf of turf area.
    If you are using a topdressing to cover your seed figure that at 250/sf per bale(avg).
    If you are using STRAW to cover your seed figure that at 50/sf per bale (avg).

    Dont forget to factor in time if you will be watering the area for them to guarantee germination of the seed. If they have you water it then you could guarantee the seed for 70% germination rate, otherwise no guarantee.

    Hope this helps.

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