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    Hey guys, I have a GOOD client that picked hired me to take care of their lawn in the start of this past season. Here in the last month and a half there has been a development in these HUGE mole hills that are popping up ever 5 feet or so. The mole hills are about 3' in diameter and 1 and 1/2 feet high. I have never seen them this large before. I currently contract out my pesticides. I have been using the same guys for a few seasons now and I am confident in his abilities. He is clueless as well because he has never seen them as big. Now I am in danger of losing this client (they have every right to complain cuz it has been a month and a half). I just cant get them under control. Any real advice you could give me would be much appreciated.

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    That doesn't sound like moles to me. I've seen mole hills where they make their chambers and they are usually 6"-8" across and high above ground from where they push the dirt up, and 2"-3" tunnels running everywhere in between. Maybe like Marcos said a gopher or something else. Have you seen any moles to confirm that is what they are. Maybe you could get your county extension agent to come out and look at it with you.
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    Just out of curiosity (not to get off subject), do you guys have woodchucks down there?
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    i agree, pocket gopher. you need to call an animal pest company for this work cause it requires a dif license. they are no joke and here there are few that deal with this type of problem. if you have trouble locatinga good service for your customer calll the local county extension agent as they know much about this stuff and can help steer you in the right direction. relay to you customer the info you find and turn the problem over to them after that and you will rightfully and legally relinqusih any fault and responsibility.
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    I always thought a gopher was a woodchuck?
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    I have not seen any of the gophers up here in NW Florida, but 7+ years in the business. I think I would of at least seen a few if there were alot up here. I agree w/grassman, call a professional trapper. Most LCO don't do wild life trapping. There are special permits you have to have, especially if you release the traped animal.
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    Man guys, that was extremely helpful! I appreciate it!

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