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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cajunboy, Dec 10, 2005.

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    Ok I'll try to give you as much info as possible. Weekly lawn service Mar-Oct
    and Biweekly Nov-Feb. Approx 40 cuts. Mulch twice a year. About 15 yards of red mulch each time. My cost 29.00 yd. As far as turf areas there is about 36 islands(average size about 3-4 parking spots) that will have to be mostly done with trimmer. Nice size but each have 3 to 4 trees and would be a pain to do with walkbehind or ztr. Possibly could be done with push mower but I hate those. Also small strip about 3 feet wide down one side of parking lot and across back of store. Here is the bad part. Huge retention pond in rear of store that target is responible for. Steep slope, very bumpy, not much grass but lots of brush and weeds. Has to be done once a month. The lenth of this thing is about 400 yards long but is only about 10 feet wide on both sides. Now flower beds 8 the same size as islands 3-4 parking spots. All filled with small shrubs that would have to be trimmed. Each bed has about 30 shrubs. The only other beds is the entrace to shopping center. Has about 50 shrubs and has color in it now. It is about 4foot x 50ft long. I service 6 Albertsons grocery stores but nothing this big. I was thinking of more on the lines of at least 2000.00 a month but wanted to see what you guys thought. I am a Solo operator with one helper in winter and 2 in summer. I pay 10.00hr. Any help would be great.

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    "Heres the bad part"
    I was still looking for the good part. The walking time needs to be added in as you must walk the whole lot to get to the islands.
    To each his own but I would let someone else do this one

    I also don't think Target will pay that much for what it sounds like. But I would have to see.
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    I agree with PMLawn..Let soemone else have it to deal with. Are you going to be able to service this Target before they open? Sounds like a lot of potential trimmer debris ending up on shopper's cars from doing the islands with trimmers. A quarter mile retention pond? Forget it....Keeping 400 assorted shrubs trimmed each month, just as fun. When our Target opened a few months ago, we submitted a bid for installs and maint. for $22K. Winning bid went to a local guy (who mows lawns in one our neighborhoods for $ 15-20 where everyone else is getting 35-65) for the monthly maint. They ended up having one of the construction firms install the trees and shrubs. By the way, it sure looks like crap now, and the hillsides he was contracted to do weekly were done more like monthly or longer this summer. He won't be around next year, I'll bet. I'd walk for many different
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    A lawn service out of Jackson, TN called be for the bid. The have all the targets and sub out the work. They called be and said that they were not happy with the job that is being done now. The retention pond looks like it hadn't been done in 3-4months. The grass hasn't been cut in about a month. The flower beds have fresh mulch and look pretty good. I am not sure if I even want to mess with it.
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    Cajunboy-usually, your gut instinct is the right one.Usually....:D

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