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    ok,, I have posted some pic on what this guy has to deal with .. any ideas on what to do with this??..

    pic 1 - this is a hill side that he is wanting grass to grow on.. the grass that is there is fescue. he is ok with this grass but it is bare in areas.. other pics show the bare spots. my question for this is, what would be the easiest way inorder to get these barespots filled in"??.. it is sandrock with no topsoil on top.. your opions will be GREATLY helpful.. this is what I have come up with so far.. put topsoil down and seed it and put an erosion mat ontop to keep the seed from washing.. would keeping it cut and maintained help grass to grow in the bare spots without seeding or putting topsoil down.. ??

    pic 2 - this guy is wanting something low maintence and that will look good and be colorful in this bed.. any ideas??.. thanks

    Kent :)

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    heres the pics

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