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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by peapod1125, Sep 13, 2011.

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    I am bidding a job where I have to kill existing grass and spread 2B River stone. The job is on the edge of a parking lot so I can use a bobcat. I have to rent it at $165 a day. The area is 475 feet x 6.5 feet. I figured around 50 or so yards of stone so it is plenty deep enough. Thats at $30 a yard. I will need about $150 worth of weed mat also. My question is how much to mark everything up. My labor shoun not be more than $250 not including myself. Labor and materials I estimate I am around $2500. I just need help with mark up and charging for my labor/judging amount of time to do the job. Thanks for any help in advance.:usflag:
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    I always wonder if those guys who 'mark up' items subject to sales tax , also know enough to use their tax number then charge the tax on the increased amount... :)
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    I mark things up at least 15%. Spreading 50 yards of anything, even with a machine, is going to take some time. I've never spread river stone like that but have spread plenty of driveway stone. I'd probably budget 2 days for the job to be sure I made money on it. I can't imagine it would take longer than that.

    What about trucking cost?

    Are you subbing out the killing of the existing grass?

    Considering your material and equipment cost is $1,815 and your labor cost is $250, $2,500 seems pretty low to me. Remember you're trying to make a profit, not just cover your costs!
  4. peapod1125

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    That $2500 figure was not total. That was the cost of materials, the killing of the existing turf, and roughly 2 to 3 days labor for my guys. Trucking is included in the price of the stone, they said maybe an additional $100. They are located less than a mile from where the job site is which makes it great in that respect.

    I figure maybe exact cost of materials with 15% markup, plus labor and other expenses and maybe what I would like to make for a couple days work.

    I came up with roughly $3850 total. Does that seem ok?
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    have you ever done work like this before? Even if you rent a bob cat it is still going to be extremly difficult.. Your labor charge is practicly giving that away...jmo
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    For 50 yards of river stone that would be like 5000.00!
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    On jobs like these I keep everything as simple as possible:
    First, I add the price for materials (including sales tax, if applicable). But while getting all the materials, it is still as if I am on the job - thus however long it takes to get all the stuff is multiplied by my hourly wage (yours may be $40, $50, $60, etc.). This goes against your conventional markup but my hourly rate is used as that is the basis to generate revenue.

    This sum is added to the time (hours) I estimate for the job.
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