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Ok so as I was finishing my last job last season one of the rear tires on my exmark decided it did not want to be on the mower anymore and fell off :mad: I mannaged to get it on my trailer and pretty much frogot about it until I took the mower out a few weeks ago to test and run. And some way or another the other tire did the exact same thing when it was in freakin storage:dizzy::realmad::wall. So I took them off and they are fine and will now not hold any air:dizzy:, can I fix this or do I just need new tires not. One needs to be replaced in the not to distant future, however the other one is newer. I am using turf savers btw

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Take a chance, you'll want to see about getting two bottles...
One of slime, the other of a liquid fix-a-flat.

Here is a picture of the slime:

Unfortunately I can't recall where to get the liquid fix-a-flat, maybe Harbor Freight,
maybe Advance Auto but it's a similar bottle except the stuff is pink.

You'll also need a valve core tool.

Then, remove the valve core and let as much air out as comes out.
Now put a jack under the back of the mower but make SURE it's not touching any parts that would move if it were running!
And get it to where it just starts to lifting, but don't lift it.
Then put the bottle of slime to the valve and squeeze as much of that as you can in there.
Let the bottle recover its air, now raise the mower as you keep squeezing slime in the tire.
Once it's as full as you can get it, re-insert the core, lower the mower.
Now repeat the process with the Fix-a-flat except do NOT lower the mower!
Once that is done quickly inflate the tire with air, start the engine, and CAREFULLY engage the wheel that's in the air
(hopefully both back wheels are in the air).
Run it with wheels spinning for 5-10 minutes to get it all spread out, on mine I was able to clamp the drive
engagement unit down with a vise grip so I could sit back.
Alternatively you could always fill the tire with air, lower the mower, start it and drive it around for 5-10 minutes.

Disengage the drive, shut the mower down (or not) and lower it.

Obviously the above is per tire, I just did this to one of mine as of a week or so ago and so far it's held air.

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If they are flat and don't have leaks, take a rachet tie-down strap and wrap it around the tire, tighten it, forcing the edges out. Then try filling with as much force as your compressor will allow. Hopefully yours will fill. If they don't or go flat, I would plug them, tube them or just go with a new set of tires. I would recommend Turf Masters, but if you're on a budget Turf Savers will work just fine. Good Luck
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