Need help with topdressing problem.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Firebrand, Aug 26, 2000.

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    I have a great account but I am having difficulty with it. It is a 43,000 square foot, estate lawn. I am located up here in the NW. It was all installed in sod this spring. Unfortunately the idiot sod installers (not me) just rolled out the sod over mostly course sand and some fine sand. There is virtually no soil base for the sod. It was fine until the weather turned hot and dry. Now the lawn is developing brown spots and not holding the moisture. My immediate remedy is to do a core aeration (done) and topdress with Eko-Compost topdressing. The problem is I can't figure how to spread the topdressing efficiantly without the $8K piece of machinery that the golf courses have. I can't even find a push type drop spreader that will handle the course topdressing. Does anybody have some suggestions as to what will work? I am willing to invest $500-$1000 in a piece of equipment (did I mention it's a great acct.). Although the less money I have to invest the better. Perhaps there is another solution instead of topdressing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think there are push top dressers similar to a broadcast spreader. It would take a while but....
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    I used to mow a horse farm that had an interesting piece of equipment that I always called a sh!t thrower. It was hooked up to a little homeowner rider that I doubt had a PTO. It basically threw the manure out of the top in a pretty good pattern. I'm sure the smell was awful but with just some topsoil I'll bet it would be fun using this equipment. I have no idea what this machinery is called and since I hate that person I no longer speak to her. Wish I could help more but maybe someone knows what this equipment is called.
  4. Go to a couple of privately owned public golf courses and
    ask if they will rent you their topdresser for a couple of
  5. BRL

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    Find large equipment rental places in your area. Some might rent topdressers. Check all of them, as it took me 8 stores to finally find one that had it.
  6. whartford

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    This might help you. I've seen manure spreader that can really throw it but I don't know how well these work. Get any horse magazine and there are many guys that sell small ones. Here is one manufacturer.

    PS. I have no idea if a manure spreader would work. The one with the top beaters seem to throw the stuff better.

  7. southside

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    Sub the work out to someone with a tractor and trailed fert
    spreader with around 5-6 tonnes capacity.This will do the
    job in no time.We use them here.

  8. Eric ELM

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    They even sell a small manure spreader at the Northern Tool stores. Website, and the spreader is $799.99. To look it up, put this in the search: Item# 64171
  9. MOW ED

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    I have never attempted what you are doing but I have a Bigfoot HVO spreader that is supposed to do what you are asking. I think you would have alot of work walking behind this spreader but it has a plate that comes off and the company says it will spread Pennmulch which is supposed to be thick.
    The site is

    I paid about 375 for mine last year for fert spreading. I like it. Good Luck
  10. John DiMartino

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    I dont know how soft ther lawn is or if you know someone with a good v-box spreader,mine puts out an even spread that would be plenty good for a lawn,Ive even used it to top dress my tees at our golf course.I have a cushman truckster with a topdresser on it and thats what you need.I doubt any course would rent you one,ours is very fussy and if the belt is off even the slightest bit it wont spread at all.Most spreaders are small in size and you would need a small loader there to relaod them if you could get one.With a v-box you could do it all in one step,go right to the quarry,get loaded once.With a golf course type,they need to dump the pile,then you reload it into the little hopper,about 1/4 yard at a time,and with 40000+sq ft,it will take you forever.We wait for it to dry good and drag in it with a drag mat hooked to one of your mowers.its dusty but it gets it in al the needed holes that way.,kinda evens out any thick spots too.

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