need help with truck ramp design

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jgriff6258, Jun 16, 2010.

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    i have a chevy 3500 stake body with dump, it has a 12' x 8' wide bed, i would like to design a ramp to be able to both run a mower up and still have the ability to dump mulch when needed

    the bed sits around 46" off of the ground, would 8' ramp be ok or still to steep?

    i though it could be put on the truck hinged at the bottom ofcourse, would fold up to 4' and be able to be hinged at top also when i wanted to dump.

    anyone ever had a setup like this? i can take it to the local steel fab shop im sure they could do it, my concern is weight, i would need lift assist for sure and would 8' be long enough? and with the fold in the middle would that support a heavy z-turn?

    i would love to get away from pulling a 16' trailer it makes for a long vehicle when backing in and out of customers driveways!!

    i worked for lco along time ago that had this kind of setup with there trucks using wb's but thats been close to 20 years ago and i cant remember how long the ramps were and how they were setup

    thanks for the replies!
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