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    I am a liscensed applicator,have been for 3 years.I have been spraying the entire time,pre&post for weeds,fert,inscects the whole 9.I have built a good base of clients & even spray for other lco's . I have people calling everyday wanting weed control when i get their & talk to them , they often want a 12 month contract( good problem). I was wondering if some of my LCO brothers could maybe share their knowledge as to setting up a program. Maybe three levels entry , medium, top of the line. Including inscect,ant control,shrub-control.I already have my prices set , i just need a little help, maybe i can return the favor someday.
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    If one would have a pesticide license for three years, one would hope that they could spell the word by now....

    And when you spray for insects, be sure they know that you're up-to-snuff on the spelling of that word, too !!!

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    What's it mater insex or incest we all know what he is asking about....
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    Whoa, who peed in your cheerios?

    I would talk to your local ag university. Every state has a land grant university with an ag department. They are a great resource. Everyone likes different pre-emergents and fert blends, you have to do some trial and error to find what works for you, your local ag university can eliminate a lot of that error.
    I will ad that I like prodiamine for preventing weeds, and I have found fe and micro nutrients to be very important in getting that dark green color, potassium really helps, when it gets hot, I can see the difference between the lawns that got it and those that just get hit with fe.

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    I read this site everyday to keep up with whats going on in our industry & take it very serious, & what do you know the first time i ask a question i get a stupid comment from a childish *******. This is not a game to me, this is my future. For those of you who are serious also, i know all the chemicals i will be using, i was just looking for a program to show me an example of how other lco's operate.
    3 pre-emerge
    2 fert
    2 insecticide
    1 fungicide
    1 ant control
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    Most around here have a 5,6 or 7 app program. That's just the basic. Add ons are ornamental tree/shrub program, Fire ant control and aeration. I would say you need to base your program around the length of your growing season and the needs of the properties at different times of the year. We do 2 pre emerges, 1 in the Spring 1 in the Fall. 3 ferts/spot sprays. Grassy weed control (Dallisgrass/Nutgrass) and Lime. Soil PH here is low. Tree/ Shrub basic is Spring Fert, post bloom for azaleas Fall Fert and 3 I & D's ( Insect& Disease) in between. Hope this helps.
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    I referred you to your local ag school because you are in GA, I am in Utah, I've only been to GA 3X, we don't even have the same grasses. Ted gave you an idea of what you do. A good program tries to account for soil, weeds, bugs and disease. Then offer add ons for specific problems.
    Here is our program.... again, different pests, soils, grasses and season.

    our standard package is 6 applications

    6 fert, (2 liquid, 4 granular)
    2 pre-em apps, early and late spring
    1-2 blanket apps of broadleaf weed control
    1 shrub and bush spray
    lawn insect control as needed.

    We also offer dormant oil apps for shrubs and trees, additional insect control apps for shrubs and trees, foundation sprays for homes, (check your state laws, you may need structural certification), fungus and disease sprays, aeration, and full maintenance.

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