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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by MeadowbrookYard, Mar 24, 2009.

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    Hi everybody, my wife and I just moved into our first house. The backyard needs some help. I dont really know where to start. Let me list the things that are going on. The back yard is a big square with a rock retaining wall at the back. There is a full sprinkler system that works great installed. Back in the right corner the previous owners had a raised garden that is two railroad ties high. My wife and I want to remove this. They also had an above ground pool. Where that used to be is dirt that has weeds and clover growing in it now. There are nice spots in the yard but there are also a lot of spotty areas where you can see dirt and or the grass is very thin. I want to remove the raised garden and get the whole yard cover with nice thick full grass. I want a very basic beautiful square yard. Can anybody please tell me the step to getting this done. I dont have the money to use sod either. Thanks for your help.
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    where are you located? any pictures would help also. we need info. to give info.
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    I would start by using a weed control, and fertilizer of some sort. Spraying would be the optimal way to do this, weed and feed products are OK, but don't control the weeds as well as a spray form of weed control. Hose-end products work good as long as you are careful with the product.

    Check out the area where the pool was. If there is a lot of sand, then take the dirt from the raised garden and till into the area where the pool was located. After that, go ahead and seed the two area, but don't use any weed control products on any freshly seeded areas.

    After you've got the weeds under control in the existing lawn, then over-seed to help fill in any thin spots. I would suggest waiting until the fall to do this to save on water and also at least 2 weeks after the last weed control application.

    If you want to also, take 2-4 soil samples to your local extension office and they'll let you know what you lawn needs to be healthy again.

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