need help. yard is all trees.

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by wazeaz, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. wazeaz

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    I just got a new house. (new to me - house is about 18 years old) The house is on 3/4 acre and it's all trees. I count 15 trees in the front yard and the back yard is nothing but trees. I like this look. Hardly any grass.

    My question is what to do with all the leaves. Should I just let them lay or clean them up. I want the back yard to have as natual look as possible. The front yard looks like they use to spread bark all over.

    I appreciate all comments. Thanks
  2. Jay Ray

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    If you like the look, I would just blow the leaves off the walks and drives and let the yard remain a tree haven.

    The reason people remove leaves is so the grass won't be choked out. If you don't want grass, what harm are the leaves doing?
  3. Marcos

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    Sounds to me like that it would make sense to leave :laugh: (pun intended) the back yard alone, as you said it looks 'naturally' wooded to a degree anyway. If there are any 'gaps' in the back, you could add some more little trees to replace older dying ones as time goes on.

    It sounds like the front yard has more or a ' shaded mulch bed ' look to it...
    Hmm...Maybe you could simply rake the leaves onto 10 x 12 blue plastic tarps and drag them into the back yard? (Hint- Many PROS use the blue tarps for leaves too, at times !)
    With what you describe about your front yard, you have a great opportunity for creating some kind of shade garden with lots of perennials like hosta, etc.

    Why don't you post a couple pics?
  4. Capemay Eagle

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    No sense raking up leaves if there is no lawn underneath.. In my neighborhood it is all trees, a lot of people down the other end have cut down all the trees close to the house and put in a small lawn out front and just left all the other trees out to the edge of the road. It is a nice look, you still get a small lawn with the benefit of still being secluded.
  5. Marcos

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    Well the reason I thought of the possibility of the perennial garden in the front was because they said in their blog "the front yard looks like they use to spread bark all over".

    That sounds like a potential shade garden site to me, especially if it's in need of a curbside tuneup from the perspective of passers-by.
  6. Kiril

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    Ditto on all post -> keep the trees, "leave" the leaves. :)
  7. Kestas

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    I'm a tree lover myself. You can leave it be or even enhance the look by planting something interesting in the woods... periwinkle is popular in Michigan. Or even some shade loving wildflowers... wild phlox in Michigan.

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