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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by American_Lawn, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. American_Lawn

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    What did some of you guys start out with as vehicles. I am about to buy a truck, but i do not know what would be best. For the first 3-4 yrs i will be part time 20-30 accounts while in college and if everything goes well after that, i will become fulltime. my biggest wrry is finding a truck that can take the pressure of towing a 14 or 16 foot trailer loaded, and still getting decent mileage. would a dodge, chevy ford half ton, be good? what do some of you think would be best?

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    For a 14 foot open trailer a 1/2 ton will be fine. Most LCO trailers are under 5000# and most 1/2 tons will easily do 5-7K, Look on the door jamb!
  3. LawnmanJ

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    I agree 100%.....That should work perfect for you.
  4. Ric3077

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    Stick with Chevy/GMC or anything foreign like a Titan, Tundra etc...stay away from Dodge and Ford. Both are junk.
  5. fiveoboy01

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    And I'm certain you have solid evidence to back up that claim:dizzy:
  6. topsites

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    You do what you want, but if you've never pulled a heavy trailer long-term before, you will ruin the trans / clutch on a 1/2 ton within 6 months, maybe a year since it's part time. Even a 3/4 ton will suffer, but a transmission is a thousand dollars either way, the 3/4 ton will last about twice as long.

    I'm saying, I bought my '86 D-250 4 years ago at an auction, 1400 dollars and 60 thousand miles ago, and it took a long time of training the foot, but I get right around 15 mpg.

    Dodge is called junk among the powermongers who lack a finely tuned accelerator foot. Its low compression engine lacks power but it takes less fuel to keep it going once it gets up there, and less fuel to accelerate so long one does it real easy...

    How fast did anyone want to get down the road towing thousands of pounds, how far down did anyone intend on pushing the throttle when, the more throttle, the worse the fuel consumption.
  7. maxkicker

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    i have a 96 chevy 4x4 1/2 ton with 200k miles that has pulled its but off for going on 5 yrs now when i used to junk cars i would pull around 8k lbs with it atleast once a week before going to work ohh did i mention its still has the original tranny
    its got the 5.7 vortec 700r4 trans though so my milage pulling is about 8 to 10 mpg but empty i get about 18 level roads

    just go easy on whatever you pulling with if you plan on a 6 cylinder then i strongly suggest a chevy with a vortec engine if you baby it and service it regular then it should last awile
  8. maxkicker

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    ohh about the dodges i used to help my brother in his shop alot he rebuilt trannys and although i cant give specific info like what there problems were exact years most were in the 90s though i swear 60 percent of all transmissions i pulled for him to rebuild were 90s dodge trucks and he always said they were junk and would only offer a 6 month warenty for a rebuilt trans! no warenty on comercial
  9. Ric3077

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    I've owned a Dodge Ram 2500 bought it new and got rid of it at 30,000 miles cause it had nothing but problems.....My brother had a Dodge Dakota...same thing crap. I used to work at Enterprise Rent A Car and the Ford F150's, Taurus', Focus', Explorers, Expeditions and Dodge Rams were ALWAYS in the shop cause they sucked so bad. I had a GMC and it was great. I have had a CHEVY and it was GREAT! I have used a Titan and it was The best. Anyway...I am not just throwing this out there...but cars and trucks are a personal preference...some love ford some love chevy...I just hate Ford and Dodge. If your a ford or dodge guy...that's cool, I know they are out there...just don't know why.
  10. PMLAWN

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    American- You are not pulling a heavy trailer. You are pulling a landscape trailer. Maybe 5000# and a good condition 1/2 ton will not have any problems pulling that. And will last many years.
    Lots of the 3/4 tons have the same trans anyways.
    The only reason a trans will go out in 6 months is because it was dead when you bought it.
    Make sure the trailer has brakes

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