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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by 04TurfT, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. 04TurfT

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    I have been mowing a few years now, and I've got about 25 people I mow for and I am looking to increase my amount of customers. So I think next spring I want to put out a lot of flyera. My question is what all is good to put on a flyer for mailboxes? And then if someone has an example of a well organized flyer, I wouldn't mind seeing it... I appreciate it alot. Thanks.
  2. daveintoledo

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    putting flyers in , on, or affixed to a mailbox is illegal.....
  3. LawnSite Member
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    True but you can put them in the paperbox.:usflag:
  4. topsites

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    You can also tape them to the post or pole with a single piece of 1/2" masking tape, just so long it doesn't touch the mailbox.
  5. 04TurfT

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    okay sorry I didn't mean to write type mailbox. I know you can't put them in thee. I really just wanna know what is good stuff to put on one, what is good eye catching phrases that will get me more yards.
  6. lawnguy170

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    The best thing to do regarding flyers and mailboxes is to call your local postmaster. I've had legthy discussions with the postmaster here and to him, it basically boils down to this.

    He says that it is technically illegal to use the post, box, or anything attached to it(as DAVEINTOLEDO has said). However, he says his only real concern is that is postal carriers are able to deliver the mail without delay. So, he told me that it is ok with him to use the post, the newspaper box, but not to let the flyer touch the box in any way, esp. the flag or door of the box. It seemed is only concern is that the mail carrier wasnt' hindered in the delivery of the mail.

    I've been using the paper box/post for over a year with not one complaint from the post office

  7. Lugnut

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    I think the best way to advertise is on your has to be lettered so every1 driving by knows who you are when they see your work, as well as you are a rolling advertisment for yourself as you drive from job site to job site. Also, if you do any kind of landscape construction, plantings, etc. try to put up a little sign by the road so everyone knows who did the work at this particular place. Some customers don't mind this at all and will leave it up, some people need to be bribed by a little deduction in your price, but it is usually worth it (as long as you did good work that you want to put your name on). Also, get a sign at the local little league field, or local recreational area. Baseball fields, football fields, usually have signs around the field that you can put your name on
  8. garth1967

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    i have had good success with my fylers and i have also had comments too.customers say they were very plain and clear no fansy stuff.all black and white with business name ,phone no,and the list of jobs i do .i hope that helps

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