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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES, May 24, 2007.


    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES LawnSite Senior Member
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    Got A Question Guys And Gals. I Am Building A Raised Patio That Will Be Covering Up Two Foundation Vents. What Should I Use To Cover Those So That My Back Fill Does Not Push Them Out?
  2. neversatisfiedj

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    What is it a sump pump or something ?

    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES LawnSite Senior Member
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    No, the foundation vents that allow circulation under a home. they are aprox. 8" tall and 14" wide.
  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    Those foundation vents ARE there for a REASON :hammerhead: :hammerhead: :hammerhead: :hammerhead: :hammerhead: :hammerhead:

    You DO NOT WANT to cover them up.

    Especially if this is a customer's dwelling. You'll be held liable for rotting their house.

    I would suggest that you make wells around them using retaining wall caps turned on their ends, or something of that assortment.
  5. PatriotLandscape

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    Iagree you will do major damage to the home long term just put small wells around them to keep the vventilation up.
  6. forestfireguy

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    We handled this by getting an adapter and piping them to the outside edge of the wall. Put grates over them. This was a building inspectors suggestion and in 5 yrs since I haven't heard a peep, haven't had the issue again since.
  7. ChampionLS

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    All you have to do is run a 3" PVC vent pipe from the outside of your wall to where the current vents are. You need to use screened vents on the outside. I would use some light weight brick and mortar during your wall building to frame out the connection to the house. Sounds like you have a simple crawl space under there.

    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES LawnSite Senior Member
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    championls: yep, there is a crawl space under there. There isn't going to be a problem with covering 3 of the 14 vents. There are still more than enough vents to serve the purpose. Not to mention it all depends on your train of thought. Half of the inspectors in the world say to leave your vents open all the time, the other half say it is better to close them off to keep the moisture out. What i am looking for is any ideas from guys that have worked with these types of vents before and how they have closed them off out side of motoring bricks in the spaces. thanks again
  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    Dude -

    you're in N.C.

    It's humid in MD. And it's just as, if not more, humid in NC. And apparently whomever built the structure has the same mindset.

    My basement is humid. And IT'S SEALED!!! So, "sealing it shut" won't help!

    Everything needs to breathe. Take an engine for example. All crankcases has a breather of some sort factory installed.

    Not to mention, maybe a local building code specifies so many vents per sf of space?

    How I would handle this:

    1. I would never interfer with the structural integrity of one's dwelling.
    2. I would check local building codes regarding such.
    3. Therefore, I would make wells around the vents with caps turned on end, or with LARGE pavers turned on end.

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