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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by grasschopperslc, Sep 17, 2007.

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    I bought a Wright Stander and I raised the mower to the highest position (from the factory setting) when I first got it but now I would like to cut grass shorter before winter and can't because the blades are already down as far as they will go. I was wondering where most people set their mowers. Do you set them up as high as they'll go or leave them at the factory setting so you can adjust the blade height with the washers?
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    Ohhh yes, that school, I remember going to this class.... :)

    What I did is set my mower as high as it would go with the blades as low as possible so that I'd have a 3" cut at the lowest blade setting with all FOUR spacers driving the blades down. You have to be careful with this setting because it scalps easy, the skirt of the deck will no longer serve as a guide that you're about to run your blades into something, but over time with practice I found this was the best for me.

    There's also washers on the front casters, but I never use those, just the blade washers.

    Now the LOWEST I cut is 3", but anytime I wish to raise it I simply swap washers around when I switch dull blades for sharpies.
    That way I don't gotta fool with the wheels, and it's so fast, because I do it right along with regular maintenance. :D
    Doesn't really take any extra time, other than I have to remember doing it.

    Absolutely I lower my cut, here in va summer is over and my Wb is sitting at 3 1/4" for one more cut and then it's down to 3" for the one after that, because grass does grow a little over winter so I want to leave it as short as possible. That and I start in spring at 3", the higher settings are ONLY to help prevent the grass from browning out or dyeing in the heat of late spring and summer.

    There are other, hidden benefits to higher cut heights and some appear downright dirty, but that really IS the reason.

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