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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Looking4help, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Hello. I'm looking for some help in putting together a business plan for a lawn care company. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and have always loved taking care of lawns. I think it's in my blood. Anyway, I need some help in putting together a real business plan. I've always dreamed of starting my own business, and I feel pretty confident that I could succeed in this. Does anyone have any ideas or perhaps a plan they would be willing to share that I could use as a starting point? Thanks everyone!

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    There are many business plan books out there...just go to barnes and noble or any other book seller.....a business plan is exactly that,,,, what you plan to do in your business, financing , who's involved with you, expected earnings, experience, and should include the reality of what you plan on doing---your focus, business objectives and goals.....if you plan on staying strictly in lanwcare, or if you want to plow snow, or cut trees or whatever---this is the basic building block you need to start the document.

    Overall, it's NOT what djewelh72 wrote---that's basically a self promoting letter to get a job interview or to fatten up a resume----you're not looking for a job, you're building a business--thats the difference.
    A business plan should have a section on your abilities (such as a croped version of what djewelh72 wrote-- including experience, but think of it as a document that you might show to a bank to get a loan or to another company who might want to merge with you....its not about BS in any way....its a very serious document thatyou should put some thought into.
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    Greetings All (and you too freddyc),

    As I stated earlier, I write beautifully detailed and bank approved business plans which include 10 sections (Executive Summary, Market Analysis, Company Description, Marketing & Sales Activities, Products & Services, Operations, Management & Ownership, Funds Required & Their Use, Financial Data, and Appendix).

    The initial post was an introduction of exactly how great and wonderfully skilled a person I really am! :) All joking aside, I was offering my help to Looking4help in getting his business plan drafted. And to you Looking4help, if you're still "looking for help" in getting your business plan done, please don't hesitate to email me I'd love to help you out!

    Freddyc - why don't you give my website a gander so you can be reassured that I know what a business plan is.

    Tootles - djh

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