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need help.

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I have a problem and need to come up with additional solutions.

Here is what happened:

We have known these people for the bulk of my life, the only reason why I worked for them is because my parents pressured me into it.

They asked me to go down to their house and do a bunch of pruning for $XYZ and just throw all the brush in back of the pool. I went down with 1 guy yesterday and we sure as heck pruned the shrubs and trees. The landscaping outside hasn't been maintained at this place in YEARS. We took down a "weed" which was 30 - 35 feet tall and a foot in diameter :rolleyes: By the time we were done cutting branches off the house, and pruning the dead wood out of a bunch of shrubs, we had piles of brush behind the house which were as tall as I am, and 20 x 20 in at least 2 places. There is also 1 small pile in front of the house which was only left due to the fact that we agreed that I would bring in a chipper and chip everything up. I got a price on chipping which was $XYZA and called to relay that to the "client." The husband said that he will not pay that much money to chip up the brush, and that I have to come up with another solution. To get to this place with a truck and chipper would be about an hour each way. There is 1 place to dump down there as far as I know, but that costs $300 per year or something of that nature, and I don't ever dump there. They do have property behind where I dumped all the brush, but it is up a BIG hill which is full of vines and pricker bushes, downed tree limbs, etc.
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Tell the client to come up with the solution.

Some friend ...
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