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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jwilson32, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. jwilson32

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    I just installed my first irrigation system. 33 I-20, 18 pro spray's, 7 jar-top valves and a drip line for the beds. I did it by myself in 4.5 days. It was great to get away from mowing for a week. Anyway, we just laid the sod, so i programmed the clock, Pro-C, and set the spray heads for 20min and the rotors at 40 min. Then when i switched it to RUN zone one ran for 1hr15min? What did i do wrong?
  2. JeffY

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    I'm not sure if I follow the question correctly. Check to see if zone 1 has the right watering time. Do all the other zones come up? Need a little bit more info than what you have.
  3. sharpcutter

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    Need more info. But if this was the first thing you ran after the install, it sounds like you got some dirt or a small rock stuck in the valve. Happens sometimes, even when you think everything was installed clean. Also, if the first zone was set for 40min, check to make sure the water percentage is set to 100%

    Just a couple of thoughts.
  4. DanaMac

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    Either you have another program set, the timer has a A B C programs, with the minutes set at 75. Or the valve stuck open due to debris as sharpcutter said.
  5. SamIV

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    Check for debris as the others mentioned. If you find debris, flush all laterals again. Also could be multiple start times. Did the other zones run and all cycles repeat again. If so make sure you only have one start time. You don't have to program a start time for each zone.

    You long lost cousin,
    Sam Wilson
  6. chemtech

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    check the precipitation rate on the pro c its to the left of the display screen. Its and up and down arrow that controls the bars that go up and down on the display screen left side. If its up to 150% that may be the problem.
  7. Christian grower

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    You made the comment about the first zone set for 40min, and being at 100%. What would happen if the %age was changed?
  8. greenworldh20

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    it would increase/decrease water time by that percentage.
  9. turfman59

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    Congratulations on the install I am sure your excited to have it completed.

    My next question is how did you calculate the two times for sprays and Rotors. was there any thought given to the following........

    1 Soil intake rate
    2 Maximum allowable depletion
    3 Gross Irrigation requirement
    4 water application efficiency
    5 ET Rate

    seeing the two times, makes me suspect your scheduling knowledge.

    Here is the first formula to start with
    Q= flow
    a= area
    divided for Gross precipitation rate

    If you do not know these terms, get a designer, auditor or even a Certified Irrigation Contractor to show you how.

    After all its your clients money your spending.... spend it wisely

    WOW I am starting to sound like Harold.......

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