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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by KMT Landscaping, Mar 4, 2005.

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    I am biding my first commercial landscaping job as a sub contractor. I was wondering how every one charges for planting trees and shrubs and doing mulch. I know what i do for residential because i do it all the time. But i am unsure how people put a price on the work for commerical. Do you charge the price of the tree to plant it? Thanks

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    Why would commercial be different pricing?

    If you know what you are doing for residential than you should know what your doing for commercial...imo
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    Just wanted to get a feel for what everyone else is charging..For example. If you were planting a tree. Would you charge the price of the tree and the price of the tree to plant it? Just looking for examples. anything would be a big help
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    Average costs for a 2/2.5" tree costs me $150. The total price to the commercial client including staking, mulching, amendments is 2.5 x 150 = $375. I charge residential clients $500 each because of a smaller volume of trees on the job.

    Average 3 gallon evergreen runs $14. 2.5 x 14 = $35. A residential client is charged $60.

    Average gallon perennial runs $4. 2.5 x 6 = $10. A residential client is charged $20.

    I charge $100 for 100 sq ft to create and mulch a new planting bed for residential clients. Mulch costs $9 a yard which does that 100 sq ft. Commercial accounts I do for $50 for 100 sq ft.

    Volume creates economy on the commercial jobs. I am able to lower my costs by purchasing blocks of material directly from growers. If it is a tight job with competition bidding, I might use my specific actual lower costs, instead of my average costs. I rely on wholesale yards for the smaller residential jobs, so the higher cost to the client.

    I close 30% of the commercial bids, but almost 75% of the residential jobs. Because the residential clients are mainly referred by other clients, we close more. Commercial bids rely on sourcing material correctly, sharpening your pencil, and knowing your production costs so you can be efficient on the job.

    Good luck

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