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    I was born and raised in a landscaping family, and have been doing the work since I was 13. I have spray certification, and have ended up in the spray department just out of company need. Our company has downsized from nearly 1,000 properties(residential and commercial) to 300 since 2008. So, I am finding myself with the responsibility of supervising spray this year.
    My question is, where can I find a reliable southern chem program? I'm not talking about which brands to buy, but an application schedule. I need to know when is the the best time to apply, and what to apply.
    Right now, we are doing granular PreM in beds, Roundup, and Image and Drexar 250 spot treats on turf.
    I dont know much about Fungicide and Insecticide treatment either.
    Many of our properties have issues with mature scale. Is now a time to treat them? Should I use only Dormant oil or an insecticide as well?
    Should I do a Fall/Winter fungicide treatment?
    Can I get away with mixing fungicide and insecticide in one tank?
    Any resources would be greatly appreciated!!

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