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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by emil35, May 9, 2006.

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    I've been in the business since I was 10 and have even had crews out and that whold deal. But since we have alot of lowballers in my area at the moment I've lost some of my larger accounts to the low ballers but still have my good accounts to keep my busy on the weekends. I'm looking for ways to make a good amount of money for college. I'm going to get my degree even though I already know what I'm doing it never hurts to keep learning in my opinion. I'm looking in landscaping, landscape lighting, power washing, etc. Currently I offer full service lawn care and do some irrigation/snow removal. Also, how much could one make in this industry if they devoted themselves full time...and I mean crews, trucks, the whole deal. I know the big groups make money, but how much does the owner get to take home? Thanks everyone for all your help.
  2. JJLandscapes

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    you can run a crew here to just do lawn maintenance and pull 50-75k in ur pocket with a couple mexicans

    you can do all the work yourself.. you can have 5 crews going or keep 1 crew and do a lot of landscape construction

    i know people in this business who own big houses... jaguars, corvettes so its pretty much where ever you want to take the business depends on your area and how easy it is to grow
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    if your only cutting on weekends, its just a part time thing for you, and you are prpbably a minor..... get a part time job somewhere man,...... you probably have no insurance no license and are unable to legaly hire employees....

    hope it all goes well:usflag:
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    Sorry if I forgot to mention but I am fully insured & licensed, and had legal employees and paid them legally. And I also know I can make alot more myself than working somewhere for $8/hr.
  5. topsites

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    Tell the wise guys LOL (sorry, I had to).

    Look, as for the money with crews and trucks the sky is the limit, there is no telling how much, it's how much you want.

    As for me, 31k / last year gross receipts solo, that was my best year so far but this year's been better than last until now but it's too early to tell.
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    Yeah it's unlimited! There's really no saying how much one could make. But most of the guys around here that I know all have big houses, nice stuff and work alone or with just one crew. I'm just starting my own business myself but have been in it since I was a kid so I do know what I'm doing. I know this year will be slow cause I'm just really getting started up but I hope to make up for it in aeration then really get a good jump on next year with a projected 50 weekly accounts. I've been really busy with side jobs and ALL of my business so far has been word of mouth. Right now, so far this month (10 days!) I've made $1,279, though most of that was side jobs vs. regular mowings.

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