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Need Ideas for Long narrow bed?


LawnSite Member
Hempstead, TX
I'm located outside of Houston, TX and I've been in the lawn care business for several years, but have not dealt with landscaping. I am wanting to plant some beds at my house for practice, plus it will make the wife happy. My house is approx. 90' long w/the garage being the first 25' or so when you are facing it to the left. I have 3' shrubs for the next 20 or so feet then the sidewalk. There are small triangular beds on each side of the sidewalk then the bed continues to the right until the end of the house. The bed comes out from the house approx. 2'.

I would like to plant something now since we are having my little girls birthday party next weekend, but I'm not sure what I can plant this time of year. We more than likely will not see another frost this year. I'm thinking I should go with some larger plants of some sort then I would like to add some color to the mix. Like I said I am new to this, so I really need some help from experienced people as yourselves. Thanks,

You need to widen those 2 ft beds if you want to put in shrubs. Need to place them about 2 ft away from the house, then about a foot infront of them for mulch. You can plant just about anything this time of year, esp in texas i would imagine. Are you looking for something evergreen or decid.?