Need Ideas or suggestion on hill side

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by greenngrow, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. greenngrow

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    I have been asked to give a proposal on a landscape project.
    The landscape consist of a hillside in front of a parking lot. The hillside also faces the road of major highway. They don't won't to put up a wall, TOO much $$$$.

    I thought of covering with fabic and put in some low growing shrubs and use a good size rock as filler.

    This hillside is on a 45 degree slope and runs about 35 feet from top to bottom. The length is close to 65 feet.

    Has anyone faced this challange before?????

    Waiting for your replies

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    I know you said no wall , but what about terracing a few walls( small walls ) maybe two ? and then putting the low shrubs, like a juniper ground cover or someting along those line, so its not just a green rug... COuld also incorporatee some signage for the cust like a large business sign to get their name noticed more on the hiway ?? Could put a few half circle walls up here and there so you could plant some larger trees like pines, or firs or something to get some variety and height ??? just some ideas..
  3. greenman

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    One of my commercials has a hill like that. It doesn't face a major road though. The hill separates the parking lot and an apartment complex above. A few years back the owner had some medium-size rock (football size) put there. Its a bluish-gray looking rock (just regular rock). Its looks decent. The only problem is that whoever installed it (it wasnt me) didn't put any fabric down and the weeds and brush will try to come up if I don't keep it sprayed.
    Every once in a while a rock will fall and have to be put back (unless its just some kids playing).
  4. George777

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    you can put in some junipers they seem to be pretty drought tollerant and can fill in a hill pretty well. I have a bank at my own property and the junipers are helping hold the soil.

    You can put in come ground cover that will spread and fill in the hill.

    now is the time to plant with the wet season coming.
  5. dforbes

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    Try seeding this area with Crown Vetch. This will thicken up and choke out all weeds. Flowers purple in the spring. Missouri uses it a lot along our highways and I have used it in many applications myself.

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