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Haskell, Texas
Have new customer that I will be installing sod and beds... She is hell bent on the two large beds in front of the house to be full of asain jasmine, large rock and some ornamentals... beds are about 10 ft deep and 35 foot long.. I was thinking on different terms than hers... Do yall think this would look good... They are elderly and and the least amount of maintenance is what they want.


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Those are different plants than i use up here in PA. But it sounds like a nice job for you. I would just do the plan that the customer wants because if they want that, they are paying for that. And you don't want to lose the job, because you don't agree with them, good luck.


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Im not a big ground cover with plants in the middle of it fan. After about a year the jasmine is going to take over and your not going to really see the rock and the plants are just going to look goofy, but as others have said, if its what she wants then go for it.


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Doesn't matter if we think it looks good, if that's what the client wants you should install it. Unless of course they want plants that would be invasive or otherwise cause issues.


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There are times you go against a clients wishes.

When they want you to do something stupid, ie, grade water towards the house, build something improper or unsafe, etc... you say, sorry, but this is not a good idea. I won't do this.

But when they are set on doing something that is a matter of tastes, give them what they want. Everyone has different tastes.


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Preferences are one thing. Also remind the client of how plants grow and change over time and how it will look when the jasmine matures.
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