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Northwest Ohio
Want to run off some fliers to try and promote some new business. What do you guys/gals do? I would like to make up some fliers but I'm not sure what to print on them. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I've run out of ideas to get new business. Newspaper ads have not worked very well for me.


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What has grabbed your attention in other flyers that you have seen? That is always a great place to start. Check out the competitions ads, so you don't look too much alike. You may get good ideas about what to do and not do.

I would highly recomend getting your flyer designed by a graphic artist, it is worth the cost, unless you are creative and familiar enough with a desktop publisher to do it yourself. I give a rough idea of layout and copy, and then get a proof. They print out a hardcopy which you can then photocopy or take to a printer.

I like to use a tri-fold flyer with the company name in huge letters, a phone #, and a list of services on the first fold. If the customer doesn't open it up and read inside, they have still seen your company name and services. Send out enough flyers and the name will stick somewhere!

Try to list all of the services that you offer. Go into lots of detail, because if people are going to look at your flyer, they like info.

Hope this helps.


Pauls Mowing

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Sioux Falls, SD
We have tried the area weekly shoppers news, have had good sucess there, my wife and I are working on a tri-fold flier now. We've taken pics with digital camera of before and after shots,with our equipment in them, text about who we are and what we can do. We plan on mailing these out to our target customers. All of this done at home on the 'puter and color printer. I'll follow up after mailing with a call or visit. Hope it works out.



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I have used a door hanger with good response. Made them myself using pre-cut paper from PaperDirect and Quiblo. Put them on neighbors doors of yards I was currently mowing.

Best yards to get are ones where you are already mowing.