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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by johndeeregreen, May 2, 2004.

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    Well back in April me and a good friend from school decided to start up a lawn business in which we would split all the money for equip. and gas down the middle. At first we payed for a $300 Echo blower, and a $70 Bolens weedeater out of our earnings. As time progressed I began to get irritated as to how much money I was wasting in my truck on gas, and that my partner didn't seem to be doing as much work as me. Also, my partner began slacking off on some jobs, (he would go and sit in the truck while I finished up weedeating, because he can't edge) So finally this past month on a sunday I told him "we have to cut tomorrow" and he said "ok". The next day he neither shows up, nor do I get a phone call. I finally hired another good friend for help on some lawns. Eventually I hear from my first partner a week later after school, and he says "Sorry I've been at football, but just give me half the money invested in the blower and weedeater and like 5 or 6 lawns (we only have 10)" Now this is basically my business in which I use MY trailer, MY truck, and I talk to every single customer (I also give all the estimates), most of which I have cut grass for for a long time, and all he has to do is show up. I also keep up with clients information and exactly when to cut on a huge calendar in my room. So basically, I don't feel it's right for him to deserve 5 lawns. I will give him his $180 he put into the blower/weedeater, but no lawns. What do you guys think of this, and how should I go about it?
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    Use this as a learning experience partnerships most of the time usually don't work out about 95 percent of the time. Give him half of the money of the equipment and ask if he wants half of the customers. If he dosen't fine you have them. If he does business is business use this a learning experience and cut your lose. Business and friendships never work and should never be mixed. Sounds like he won't have time for them but this is something that both of you have to work out. Remember he is your friend losing him as a business partner is that bad but losing a friend because of this is a whole different story try and salvage the friend ship. Just my .02

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    Good advice Ken I dont think I could have said it better
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    I'd give him back the $ he's invested but forget the lawns. If you've been using your truck all this time how's he gonna get to them anyway?
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    Hi johndeeregreen,

    I agree with Ken. With your motivation and talent I am sure you can pick up new clients in no time.
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    THis is why it's important to remember:


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    give him the money for the equip. call it even there since it was your truck/trailer. sounds like he doesnt care that much anyways.

    it is sad that we can be such good friends but such bad partners in business. i would say it is money that does it but not in this case. this one is clear that you have a determination to make it work and your friend had a fleeting moment of euphoria with the glamor of being in lawncare
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    Did you bring those accounts into the partnership? If so they have value too and he should pay you for those accounts. Customers are worth more than $370 worth of equipment. Also, since he doesn't seem to care you'll probably get them all back anyways.
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    If you are going to split the lawns DON'T split them up based on how many you have. Add up the amount you get from them each week, split that amount then figure out which lawns add up to that amount.

    From the sounds of it though I don't recommend giving him half the lawns. If he can't work for someone what makes him think he can run his own business?

    Good luck,

    Matt S.

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