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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ed's lawn service, Mar 18, 2003.

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    If someone wants me to bag then it cost at least $5 extra. You got to haul it off and extra time for bagging. To me the grass looks just as good with a good mulching mower. If you give them the same price for bagging and non bagging they will probably always say bag it.
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    Thanks again for all your info. :) The lady that wants me to bag is one of these people that even though they have money, they don't want to part with it so it should be no problem convincing her of the benefits of mulching.
    I am thinking about getting some business cards or flyers, and I was wondering what sort of information should I put on a flyer. I don't want to brag about myself and am sort of out of ideas. This site is sure helpfull. Thanks in advance!:D
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    Hopefully I can give you helpful advice. I started mowing for some neighbors on my street when I was 15, and all I had was my dad's 3.5 HP craftsman, with no self-propel. I would definitely reccomend a straight shaft Echo, I forget the model number of the one I had, but it has a 26cc engine and I paid about $330 a few years ago for one, so it's probably more now. It was lightweight, and had plenty of power, and runs a dual line head with heavier line than your Craftsman can use. I don't think I'm exagerating when I say you could easily do the edging in half the time with the Echo I used. If you can't afford that model, I would go with a smaller Echo straight shaft. I had almost no problems with mine at all, even after years of use, but unfortunately it was stolen. As far as advertising, honestly, I have better luck making signs, but depending on where you live you could get fined for posting signs, and it's a little more difficult than flyers, in some ways. On my flyers I just put the name of my Company, the basic services I provided, and something like "Relax while we do the hard work for you!" I also wrote the estimates in for customers, if I could see the back yard, and I think I had a great response rate most of the time. I also made sure I had a very competitive price, which can be a risky strategy, because I tended to underbid, but I figured it was better than sitting around doing nothing.
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    The wright stander is a good choice . I think that a 52" would be your most efficent machine for a main machine. Also personaly i buy all Redmax or Shindawia
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    I was happy with my Shindawa T27, although it used to cost signifigantly more than the Echo SRM-2600 and was heavier. It might be better built. Is that the the trimmer you use?
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    The nearest commercial mower dealership in my area has a MTD Pro walk behind that they are offering for a reasonable price. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this mower.:D

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