NEED INFO- Exmark Lazer Z (CT vs HP)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TC Lawns, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. TC Lawns

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    I am looking at some used Exmark Lazer Z mower. I am familiar with the Lazer Z "HP" model. I found one that is a "CT" model. I went to exmark's website and it doesnt say much about the differences between the two, except that it has a different engine. I know that the CT model is commercial, but how does it size up to the HP version? If anyone could describe the pros/cons/differences between these 2 models I would appreciate it. Thanks
  2. S man

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    I have never used a ct but the hp is a step up and is built and made better. I love mine and have no problems with it. Go with the hp you won't be sorry.
  3. CGlisson

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    I have a 52" Lazer HP. I love it, can't speak for the CT though.
  4. mowerbrad

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    I have never used a CT before but from what my dealer tells me, the CT is geared toward large property owners. The HP however is more for the commercial guy. That is just what my dealer told me about them.
  5. freshprince94

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    All eXmark's can handle commercial use except the Quest, however I recommend the HP over the CT. The CT has a crappy Briggs engine. Other than that, there isn't too much of a difference, although the HP is more commercial geared, while the CT can stand up to commercial use, but is marketed to the beginner or estate owner.
  6. olde_blue

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    I have an older 48" HP. Older CT's came with 17 and 19 hp Kawasaki and single cylinder 18 hp Kohlers. The main drawbacks for the older (~2004, I'm not as familiar with the current ones) CT: smaller tires (drive: 20x10-10 vs 23x9.5-12s, caster: 11x4-5 vs 13x5-6), lower top speeds (7.2 vs. 8.1 mph), cheaper spindles (1" vs 1.25" diameter), cheaper PTO (125 vs 200 ft-lbs), single fuel tank (vs dual--one "tank" is fake on a CT), and tire compression parking brake (vs band). The deck shells are identical, so you will get as good of cut with the CT.

    Beware that, if you get a 44" Trivantage deck, you probably will not be able to mount a bagger (the tires may interfere).

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