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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bmyownboss2005, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. bmyownboss2005

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    I am a newbie here and want to start off by saying "Hello". This is a very informative site with lots of links and references. I haven't found any posts on the curbing business in here but I am certain its here. I am interested in starting up this type of business and was wondering if anyone knows anything about it. I have checked out several different companies that have turnkey packages and they seem to be very expensive. I was wondering if anyone can tell me which one to buy and which to stay away from.
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    simply put, they are over-priced for what you get. i explored buying out a local franchisee (rock-bottom offer amounting to an equipment purchase), but even he recognized that his attempt to get out is greatly limited but was holding out. he's been trying to sell for a year at half what he put in a couple years ago. after i looked at much of the work they had done, i really didn't like real-world application of the curbing.

    i'd recommend tracking down just the equipment, secondhand would be a great route, and going it alone. the companies don't have name recognition or any tangible marketing that i've seen. those two things are the biggest value that i see in franchises.
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    I purchased a curbing business in June and love it. Bought my equipment brand new from Tygar. It is expensive but the package they offered seems to be the best deal. My business partner and I both have full time jobs and run the our curbing/lawn care/landscaping business in the afternoons and on weekends. Since June, we have put back enough cash to pay off the loan for the equipment and I am gonna take the plunge and go full time at it starting March 1st.
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    What's curbing?


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    Ill tell u kwik kerb dont even mess with or any franchise The one to check out is they are the innovators of the curb machine everyone else are copycats.I purchased the turnkey package from them got thr ultimate package 24,000 but for half that u can get started.this is an excellent business to get into especially if u already have clients for lawn co.give me a call i will answer any questions for u try then click on forum there u can talk to other curbers.

    call me Stephen 419-482-0604 I can really help u out :waving: :waving: :waving:

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