Need info on Ferris IS units

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tenebrous, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. tenebrous

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    I am looking to purchase a zero turn mower and need information on the independent suspension system on the Ferris 3000.

    I cut about eight acres of land and want the maneuverability of the zero turn to mow around trees and other landscaping. The land is a reclaimed orchard that I have been cutting with a 4300 Deere with a rear mower. Not fun with all the trees. I have smoothed it out but it is still needs more leveling.

    My question is what much will the suspension on the Ferris mowers smooth out the ride on the rough spots?

  2. shop22

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    I am a dealer for ferris just south of rochester ny. The suspension is a great feature on the mowers. It smooths out the ride quite a bit compared to other fixed frame units. My best suggestion is to go to their website. and go to the dealer locator. find your nearest dealer and they should be able to set you up with a demo and you can see exactly what the machine will do on your lawn. any other questions feel free to e-mail me c & B small engine repair.
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    I purchased a new Ferris 3000 about 2 months ago, realy like this machine, a few things you should know if you've never used a ZTR mower before, it takes some getting used to, about learning to drive all over again, but it does a real nice job and is very fast, it doesn't care if the grass is 6in high, wet or dry it will cut probably as fast as you want to ride it and spreads the cut grass out ery good and doesn't clump, I had a very bad experience tho, the 3rd time I mowed 5 acres I got it stuck in a ditch(it hi centered on the back bumper) with the front end up out of the ditch and the rear end down, it took about 3 min to go get a tractor to pull it out, by the time I got back the mower was on fire, it was a total loss, Ferris replaced it under warrenty, what happened was , the fuel tanks are not vented properly, the fillers are at the rear of the tank (as are some of the other ZTR mowers), the tanks have a fill tube that extends down inside the tank, it is there so you dont over fill the tank past the bottom of the fill tube, and with the front end elevated even as little as 25 degrees fuel will run to the rear of the tank and ris above the bottom of the fill tubes, this makes the vent in the cap inefective, even with the tanks near full, in that attitude after mowing and the hot sun on those black tanks, heats up the vapor above the fuel in front part of tank, and the building pressure pressure forces fuel out the vent, I can duplicate that situation at will, Ferris knows about and is supposed to be working on the problem, they said at the factory, yea, youre right we got it to do it too! Fuel must have got on the hot muffler on mine and it ignited, So if you get one dont fill the tanks over 3/4 full

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