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  1. Ok, im getting really tired of weeds. I have 2 customers that i recently relandscaped for and put new mulch down and obviously the weeds are relentless. I was wondering if i were to put preen down in the beds now if it would keep the weeds out???i have no problem spraying the driveway or the pool areas but i pretty much have to hand pull the weeds out of the beds b/c the plants are too close.....please give me feedback...thanks
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    Preen would do a bang up job on goosegrass and crabgrass, but those are the kind of weeds I do not sweat in ornamental areas because they can be killed selectively with sethoxydim. My preferred preemergent in ornamental beds not planted to annual color flowers is Gallery + Dimension or Ronstar. I see you are in Florida. If the climate is anything like mine, the trifluralin will not provide the kind or duration of weed control you are expecting. It evaporates in the heat. Those three that I mentioned are stable in high temperatures. I have always applied my Ronstar as a directed spray under plants. Time consuming yes, but not nearly as bad as hours of hand weeding every week

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