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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by HGT INC, Jan 10, 2007.

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    Hello everyone,

    I posted a thread here earlier in the fall of 06 for some advice. I received some help, but with I thought I would try it again and possibly get a few more ideas.

    I purchased a new Lawn Renovator at the Columbus show. I want to add this service , of which I also fertilize & aerate. I would like to know what the going rates are. Prices should include sq. ft prices, min. prices, hourly rates if I can get some ideas on how to quote these.

    I will be criss-crossing and putting down a starter feet. I work in the Detroit area, any help on the the type of seed to use and the best times to apply would also be helpful. Starting this year Im thinking of putting down a straight fert. on round 1, because of the early start I hope to get. I will then put down a pre-m on round 2, of which will carry me farther into the warmer part of the summer. I know I have to watch my seed applications with the pre-m, so these customers will have to wait. Any advice will be helpful. Thanks, Jerry.:waving: :waving: :
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    Same way you quote everything. Production rates times labor rate plus OH/Burden.

    Then material at a retail cost - Your profit should be from discounts.
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    If you know that you need to do some slit seeding in conjunction with a pre-emergent application use Siduron. It will allow turf seed to germinate but not the weed seeds. It is really expensive compared to pendimethalin, I think around $80-90 per bag (10,000 sq ft)

    As far as seed to use, use the same seed for establishing a new lawn: a blend of Kentucky blue, fine fescue, and perennial rye. Try to keep the rye content below 20%. Any higher and it will crowd out the other seed. 3-4 lbs per 1000 sq ft should be adaquate.

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