Need info on Stihl 110 or 130 and Echo 280


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I am going to buy Stihl Kombi or Echo PAS. They are the only options around with good dealer support. I will only use at my home but I have a very large yard with many, huge beds and lots of edging and trimming to boot. I have a Stihl FS80R trimmer which I will continue to use. I am just stuck on which system to get and I have read every post on here for two days. I have a Stihl BR600 which I assume is a 4 mix engine(it's a little over a year old). It has been great, it starts like no small engine I have ever seen. I have an old, 8 or 9 yrs, Stihl FC75 edger that has always been a pain to start and sucked as far as power goes. I like the idea of the Echo bed redefiner because I don't know if i can get a clean edge with just the Stihl kombi cultivator. I am concerned about the power of the Echo 280 compared to the Stihl 110 or 130. I have some heavy, heavy weed eating to do several times during the summer and the FS80R has been good but could be better. The Echo Bed Redefiner comes with the attachments to convert to an edger and I would have to buy the stick edger with Stihl Kombi so money difference is about $150 after all is said and done and that is not a deciding factor. I feel confident the Echo tiller, and Redefiner would give me the finish I want and serve my purposes but I am more confident about the power of the Stihl 110 and 130. Any advice or actual experience with these would be most appreciated. Again Stihl or Echo are only options.

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Forget the kombi overpriced crap, they're marketed to old men who have more money than sense. Get a FS130 trimmer and do your edging with a flat spade or rent a real bed edger. After you get a good edge keep it all season with your current trimmer or edger. Repeat the edging process every year late Feb. or early March. If you want to get the tiller pull the gearbox off of your 80 trimmer and buy the tiller head (yes they sell it that way). I've got the same tiller head on my fs56 and it doen't hurt for power.
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We run 130's and they are great. Yes, the BR600 is a 4 mix and they are easy to start.

I think the Kombi is a good deal.


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Sounds like you need a big trimmer. I am not sure the PAS280 is big enough. KM110 is 31cc, maybe you should go all the way to KM130 36cc.

Would you consider the Stihl FS250? it is the mother of all trimmer with iron clad reputation. Do a search. I personally don't care for multi tool system.

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I've got a KM130, it's a freakin BEAST!!! For daily trimming it gets heavy quickly, but can't be stopped in the thick stuff. I've got the edger, cultivator, blade and trimmer attachment for it. I'm still working on my edging skills, but like others have said, once you set the edge the best way to keep it is with a string trimmer. I though the egger attacment was going to do this for me, but i was a little let down. So far I love mine!


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I just received and a Echo PAS 280 powerhead, and the bed redefiner attachment. Got them from Wise sales, and probably saved over $150 over what local dealers wanted for the dedicated unit.

I have not used it yet, but that blade looks like it will shape a nice edge, and yes I' m an old man. Cannot justify one of the big units and will take it slow and easy with this one for my limited use.


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I got home from work and tried the bed redefiner this afternoon.

IMHO it's everything they claim. I had previously used a mini tiller to give some basic shape and loosen up the soil. It haped the edge very nicely, and even cut through some large roots I knew were present. I took it very slow and shallow cuts over the roots and it worked through them like a router bit.


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Love my FS110s- run a stick edger or hedge trimmer on one and dedicated string on the other- plenty of power and easy to switch gear heads- I would stay away from the Kombi stuff.