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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shorty56, Jul 1, 2001.

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    I play rugby for Olympia Rugby Club. We are looking into purchasing land to build a rugby field on. The land currently has hay growing on it. My questions are as follows:

    1) Is it generally better to lay turf or seed? What are the cost differences etc.

    2) What is the best type of grass for this type of use. It would obviously have to stand up to injury. We would also like something that is fairly easy to maintain (ie doesn't grow extremely fast, little fertilizer, etc.)

    Thank you for your time in answering these questions.
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    I don't even know what kind of grass grows in the Pac-NW.

    My thoughts would be to disc up the entire field area and reseed with whatever grass will grow over yonder. I think sodding would be better, if money ain't a problem then go fer it. Just find out what other fields are using and duplicate it. Mowing on a regular basis can be handled by one of Lawnsites many members. For the right money Stone will haul his Toros out there and maintain it. He now has somewhere to stay while he waits for the grass to grow.
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    have a look here and try getting a hold of somebody there. They will probably be one of your best bets. Good luck, mike

    p.s. most of the cool season grass seed we use is grown in the northwest.
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    That WSU link is a good one. Look into a 3 way rye with a chewings fescue in the mix and think hydroseed in the fall, it really works best.
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    I think i have to disagree with you. Sod take A LOT of water once it is down and will peel up if they play on it too soon.

    any field you plant is giong to come with maintance if you want to keep it in good shape. it needs to be areated at least twice a year, fertilzed, depending on use may need to be top dressed bi yearly. Athletic fields are not low maintance by nature. as far as seed make sure you have a third of it blue grass because it will spead to fill in the divot from playing fescue will not, but you do need a mix of several seeds. look into some of the newer pest resistant grasses. that is all i can tink of right now

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