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  1. polandr

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    if any one could help me it would greatly be appreciated. let me throw a curve ball, i have read the post where you are talking about fisher and meyers snowplows. But have you ever heard of WAUSAU brand, manufactured by schmidt engineering equipment. The modboard(cuting blade)is worn down to the mounting bolts. got leaks on the left/right pivot cylinder. this snowplow fit a military vehicle called a "SEE FLU419"(small equipment exavator)if any body has a lead where I can get information on this or parts, i would greatly appreciate it. thanks -rob

  2. SCL

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    Talk to Guido.
    Hey Guido got any spare parts lying around over there?
  3. MAG

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    I got a phillips snow plow and the company is out of business. So I have to make my own parts. For the cutting edge I'm going to order a piece of steel and make my own.
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    The easiest way to work out the cutting edge situation, is to buy a standard highway punched edge, and then drill new holes in the moldboard. That was you do it once, and any subsequent edges will bolt right on.
    Or buy a u edge, and drill your own holes in the edge to match the ones in the moldboard.

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