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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Comet, Jun 19, 2001.

  1. Comet

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    I have a door open for me to bid on a 40 unit condo complex. My chances are good my cousin tells me,(then again one never knows).
    He's in there doing the concrete work and carpentry work. He plows HESS gas stations in the winter and would be involved with these driveways and the roadways with me for snow removal.

    Im glad I went to that SIMA symposium in Denver last week for the snow and ice management. I picked up a lot of good information.

    Id like to hear from those who "maintain large facilities" to possibly get an idea on a close number for contracting a yearly bid, I would like to hear numbers,

    I will be having to perform the manicuring, edging, trimming 2-3 times yr, pruning, ferilization, mulch applications, minor irrigation repair, fall-spring clean ups, "snow removal and de-icing which will be seporate."
    I measured today
    There are 4 common grounds area's totaling about 53,000 sq.ft lawn.

    Each unit contains a small area of 500 sq.ft. = 20,000 sq. ft lawn.

    There is a perimitter area of lawn surrounding the complex opposite side of the road running 3/10ths of a mile with appr 8 feet in width.

    The 3/10 mile is decrativly landscaped with many shrubs, bushes, trees and mulch as also in front of each unit.

    There is 2,150 (plus)linear feet of walk ways within the complex for edging, "also for" (sidewalk snow removal for winter, seperate bid)

    Each drive way measures 18'x27' (pertainins to snow removal)

    All in all with the outside area of roadside lawn and the complex lawn area = appr. 80,000 sq. ft lawn
    sidewalk = 2,600 linear feet
    any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated please.
    I do have somewhat of an idea which I been tossing back and forth but I think at this point Its best I connect with others that are already involved for realistic figures.

    Thank you all
  2. watatrp

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    I currently have a condo assoc. that I take care of. It started out with 8 condos and now there are 41 with 5 more under construction. Kind of nice to have increased business with no work. I also have about 3 acres of common area that I mow also. What I did for pricing was try to figure out how much time it will take you to mow them all including the common areas. I charge $15 per condo. Some might say that this is low. With an average of 15 to 20 minutes spent at each condo it becomes profitable. The common areas are priced at around $40 per hour. You gain efficiency by having them all together so you must factor that in. I must warn you that if you have older folks living there you might sometimes find that they are picky or like to talk.

    As far as plowing goes. I use the same theory. I figure $15 per push per driveway. I also have to plow some cul-de-sacs that the city does not do. I figure those at $85 per hour. Again, all of them are together so you have no drive time. We all know that the time it takes to drive to another property is money wasted.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Comet

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    Typo error,
    Driveways for the record are 18' x 47' (re: to snow removal)
    18' x 27'
  4. Comet

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    thanks for the info
    I will work out some details with what you gave me, I really apprerciate the response but (no hard feelings please, please) I have to admitt I cant see doing a condo in 15-20 minutes efficiantly.
    I have seen some I guess out there that are plain, simple I suppose.
    I have presently 1-2 workers

    Edging alone both sides of the walkways and outside/inside curbs = 5,000 plus linear feet not including the 3/10 mile stretch of planting areas
    Perhaps your running a 8-10 man crew.
    Your info will be utilized greatly, no hard feelings please.
    The 15 per unit is realistic, the 40/hr is low for the common grounds, an eXmark rider is worth 75 hour here, Ill work that in

    Anyone with the billing, extras??

    I need more responses/comments/ remarks please please please
  5. Comet

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    Knock Knock,
    Can I get a little more help here please
  6. Shawn Burns

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    i don't know how much help i can be, but i have a 95 unit condo that i maintain on a weekly basis. it's not as big as it sounds though. 3 of us are in and out in about 4-5 hrs normally. i priced this job about like y'all have mentioned ; 15-20 per bldg + 45 per hr for common areas. the only thing i wish i had added more for the edging. along with 95 condos there are 95 driveways and 95 sidewalks. 95 short, tight, cars always in the way driveways!!! other than that, it all seems to be going pretty good. let me know if there are any more specifics i can help with.
  7. Comet

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    Thanks Shawn
    sorry watatrp!!, I read your response too fsat, I been reading not so good here I guess. I see you indicated 15-20 min per unit!!!,, for somereason as I was reding it looked like for the entire complex ,,my mistake there.. I was saying like no wayyyy ,sorry
    Ok so I see the unit price you bothj have down about the same, the edging and common grounds I want to shoot for 75/hr here in NY.
    Possibly that can cover the mile of edging that needs to be done, not certain,
    thanks for the info the two of you.
    This place is mint, the edging the way I like to see it, 90* accurate as all heck, Shawn tou say your in and out within 4 hours with just the 3? thats good to hear,,,Is there a lot of shrubs and planting areas>?
    I need make certain I make out on this because Im able to pick up the snow removal also with a seporate contract.
    Theres money to be made out there
    Do you include cleanups and trimming then take the entire figure and break it ddown monthly into payments?
    I figure keep the irrigation seporate T/M, fert seporate,
  8. Shawn Burns

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    from N.C.
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    i broke everything down seperatly. regular maintenance, fertilizer,aerating-seeding,leafremoval,mulch, etc.. iadded into the contract tha work over and above what was specificly stated in the contract would be extra, at a reasonable price. this gives me a little leeway to charge if necessary for extra work done. i don't always charge and that keeps the homeowners assc. happy! after getting all of my prices together i added them all together then divided by 12 for monthly bill.
  9. watatrp

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    Looks like you are seeing how we do this. Edging is a hard one to call. I charge separate for that. Just do it before a weekly cut and you can blow off the drives when you get done mowing. I usually do it twice a season. I trim along the drives with my trimmer during my weekly mows just to keep that edged look. Just remember that you usually will gain maybe 10 to 20% efficiency after you do it several times. Spring usually takes a little more time because the grass is growing so fast. I make it up during the heat of the summer when things slow down some. It all comes out even in the end. I currently do not do the bush trimming or the mulch. They have a separate deal with another person for that. Someday I may branch out in that area.
  10. curlawngreen

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    Why don't you buy Nilsson's book "Labor Time Data Handbook" It would help you orginize your thought process as to the aspects of a true lawn care co. Since the place looks "mint" now you will need good numbers or you will lose money.

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