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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CenTxMan, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. CenTxMan

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    Hey Pros...I am a 40 something, layed-off, professional that has dreamed for 6 years of trading the white collar, desk job and business degree for a blue collar, overalls and a mower! I have learned a LOT from this forum. I have now started the ball rolling. Please comment on this quote I got from a business on this equip...
    Bunton 15HP (Kawasaki) 36" W/B, new, but a demo (1 hr mow)
    Bun Hyd 18HP (Briggs/Straton) 52" W/B, new, but a demo (1 hr mow) 2650.00
    Echo SRM2100 Trimmer, new. 190.00
    Echo PB230 LN Low Noise Blower, new. 190.00

    I have most everything else, equip. wise.

    I plan on starting full time by myself until my accounts dictate otherwise.

    What do you think?
  2. kutnkru

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    Considering the 36 should run you about $2400 new and the 52 about $4k new I would think that these are not bad prices all things considered.
  3. BerksLawn

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    Sounds good, I assume you have a truck and a trailer already. Now all u need to do is get some flyers/ads out in the paper or phone book and the jobs will come rolling in. I'd suggest getting business cards and signs for your truck. And an enclosed trailer is great for advertisment. But i feel the best way to get advertisment is word of mouth so do a good job and dont lowball and u will be fine.

  4. Wayne Offiler

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    The Bunton 52/18hp Vanguard is an excellent machine, I have one.I zip along behind it on a Proslide. Productivity close to that of a 52 ZTR. It is $ 5000+ new. That's a great deal. The 36" is a real bargain too. But, do you need both? If you are likely to encounter gated back yards, it would be handy. Otherwise, not a production machine.
    best wishes for success. Not "good luck". Work hard and smart, and bring your management skills to bear, and you will do well. (I also came from a corporate environment, and couldn't be happier now. I'm physically and mentally healthier than I was 10 years ago!)
    Wayne O.
  5. daleintx

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    Five years ago I was fired from my job in Jacksonville Fl and moved to Texas. I was living in my van and started a lawn business. I took my sears card and bought a cell phone and rented a mail box and went to sears and bought a 24 craftsman mower and a weedeater and stick edger and blower. I lived in my van and took my calls with my cell phone. I rented a storage unit and kept my stuff in it. I bought some stencils and made some signs around town and did yards cheap just to get started. Every morning I unloaded my bed and stuff into the storage shed and loaded up my equipment. Then that evening I put my equipment in storage and loaded up my bed and tv and camper stove in my van. 5 years later I'm doing pretty good. I just got married and am making a decent living. I now have a couple of big mowers and pro equipment. Makes life much easier. Good luck.
  6. Bill Davis

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    Those are some great quotes on the equipment just remember to get one or two dealers to buy equipment from especially if you are just getting started because they will help you out with maintenance and can in some cases get you good work around town.Its always good to have a good dealer because if you treat them right they will take of you too. Thats just something to think about when you are buying equipment
  7. Bill Davis

    Bill Davis LawnSite Senior Member
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    something else to think about is that used commercial equipment in my opinion runs better and in many cases will last much longer and do a much better job than a new homeowner trimmer and blower like you are talking about. Just look around at pawn shops or in the paper and get someone who knows what they are looking for to go with you to help you out.
  8. naturescape

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    Maybe the newer Buntons are better, but my first wb was an
    '86 Bunton 36 that was the worst mower I've ever had. I liked it at first just because I didn't demo anything else. The discharge was absolutely horrible, and no blade would fix the problem. Even when I upped to a 14 hp., it still was a problem.

    Buy an Ex-Mark jor Scag.
  9. 65hoss

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    That isn't bad prices for starter equipment. Have you dealt with the dealer before? Although, I would suggest you demo a exmark and/or gravely. You can spend a few more dollars and get a better mower. The blade speed on the buntons isn't as fast, so the cut will not be as good.

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