Need INPUT on ZTR mower: DC LT2000-50 vs. GrassH 721D vs. Dixon 2300 ???


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Folks, I currently have a Craftsmans 42" rider and am looking to replace this "long in tooth" with a ZTR mower. I have narrowed the field to the three listed above, all used and the $ is right. I would like some feedback from you. Specs: 5-6 acres, flat with some small rolling (bumps) hills. Typical central Indiana topography. Residence only. Thanks in advance for your assistance! --Carol


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i have a grasshopper and i love mine but it all depends on dealer support and what kind of features u need the frontmount hopper has alot of attachments for it... its just something to think about... grasshoppers run alot more then dixon to

Randy J

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I personally would prefer the G'Hopper, especially since it's diesel. However, as a homeowner, if you're not familiar with diesel, you may want to consider something else. It will burn less fuel, the motor will last longer, and it's cheaper to maintain. However, diesel's have their peculiarities that a lot of people don't like - such as smell, etc. I'm not a fan of Dixie's, but then I don't have much experience with them. I'd personally avoid the Dixon. There are a ton of other mowers out there for you to investigate also. You might want to try these mowers, and any others you might be interested in, preferably on your property if possible, to see which you like the best. Any of them will most likely serve you well.



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I've owned a couple of Dixons - still use a 5601 (60" hydro), had it for several years. The hydro drive units, in my experience, are pretty stout, mine has held up fine in 400 hours of use.

DC is very nice, I really looked at one, tried it out, loved it, but my yard is rather hilly and the DC just didn't like that. Man, that sucker would move.


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I owned the grasshopper. It covered me with grass every time I cut the lawn. I am not in the business but have about three acres to maintain. I like to coffee and cocktail as I mow, only thing I could consume with the grasshopper was grass. Had to make certain your mouth was not open when mowing:D

Personally, I like the Chopper. But there are scores of units available today. If you buy a commercial for a residential lawn you will only buy one. The nice part about the hopper was the ability to trim under things without eating branches.

I am currently in the market for a walk behind for trimming. My Lawn Boy is a 1977 model and very tired. Takes me too long with that 21" deck. Tried a Gravely belt drive, built like a tank but it travels too fast in low gear to trim around all the trees I have. I was slipping the belts to do it and figured that was no good. Waiting now for the demo on the Great Dane Super Surfer. A bit of overkill but if my mom needs her lawn done I can drive it into my pickup bed and knock her lawn off too.

My primary machine is a Kubota with a 72" deck. That off road diesel fuel is easier on the wallet and the loader makes working around the farmette easier on the back.

Good Luck.