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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by carguyrob, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. carguyrob

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    Hi guys. I'm doing a cleanup/edging/trimming/mulching job and rented a bed edger. I don't know if this is general bad practice since it was my first time using the machine but the yard has an irrigation system. I figured the hoses for the system were deeper than the edger would go...I guess I thought wrong. A small section of one of the hoses (maybe 6-8" long) got damaged by the edger. It doesn't look like the line would leak but it's more pinched shut. How should I repair this? Can I just get 2 couplers and replace that section of the hose? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!
  2. CkLandscapingOrlando

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    You got it. You will need primer, glue, pipe, and couplers. Cut out the bad section, prime the pipe and fittings, glue, stick them together, and twist
  3. AI Inc

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    your assuming its pvc. He is in a northen clime. chances are , its polly.
  4. carguyrob

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    It doesn't look like pvc, it's black and definitely not brittle since it pinched and didn't shatter like pvc probably would. Can I make the same type of repair on poly tube? Thanks for the help.
  5. Stevegotcrabgrass

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    For polly you can get short pieces at some home depots....You need 4 crimp clamps and a crimp clamp tool and two couplers, you might need a poly pipe hose knife. Might be able to use some stainles hose clamps. Bring a peice of the old poly with you to the store to match the stuff up. Cut the bad peice out, use slight heat on the old poly and insert the two couplers on each end, slide clamps over. Next slide 2 clamps on the new peice of poly and use slight heat on the openings to fill in the gap. clamp everything down and voila! your self a favor and don't BEND the poly..once it kinks its crap....also dig some room to work.....
  6. jvanvliet

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    funny pipe or pvc?
  7. carguyrob

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    Thanks so much for the help! I'll get all the stuff and hope it goes smoothly hahaha. Thanks!

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